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<TheKnight> Okay, Corin is unable to attend tonight, and has just asked me to pass on his sincere apologies

<MykReeve> So, the subject for discussion this week is the crown system.

<MykReeve> And the first topic for debate is how well we think the current system is operating.,

<MykReeve> If you want to comment on that - say "aye"

<ScotGirl> aye

<lavitally> aye

<kensplace> aye

<Lordpercy> aye

<Necropolis> aye

<jo1l> aye

<TheKnight> Aye

<thanatos> aye.

<JillMurphy> nay ;-)

<MykReeve> once the debate begins, please message me if you want to contribute something.

<MykReeve> Thanks.

<MykReeve> OK. The first speaker is ScotGirl - the floor is yours.

<ScotGirl> I think it is very hit and miss - I'm not convinced that all ops are read by cat managers. Some really good ones slip through.

<ScotGirl> if it is to work then ALL opinions must be considered

<ScotGirl> thats all :)

<MykReeve> Thanks Liz. Oh, just one further point - when you've finished you've finished making your point, please let me know everyone!

<MykReeve> Next speaker is lavitally.

<lavitally> okay...

<lavitally> well, I think it should be clarified

<lavitally> as to how crowns are awarded

<lavitally> I was (ta Jo) under the distinct impression

<lavitally> that we *could* nominate reviews for crowns

<lavitally> and that comments were taken into account

<lavitally> If this is the case Dooyoo should make it clear on their site If not

<lavitally> we should find out exactly how they are awarded and ditto what Liz said

<lavitally> and that's all. :o)

<MykReeve> Thanks lavitally, next speaker; kensplace. The floor is yours.

<kensplace> thanks

<kensplace> I agree with liz, not all ops seem to be read, lots slip through.

<kensplace> Also I have seen crowns that containg factuall errors (basic facts should be checked)

<kensplace> Mainly I think it is unbalanced and not that fair until all good ops get a crown.

<kensplace> thats all for now folks

<MykReeve> Next speaker, LordPercy.

<Lordpercy> Why thank you....young man....

<Lordpercy> The crown system is one of the areas I feel is working relatively well and I wouldn't like to see DooYoo tinker too much

<Lordpercy> It provides motivation to write good opinions

<Lordpercy> Obviously the guidelines are a bit vague but that is my only criticism.

<Lordpercy> thats it short and sweet just like me lol

<MykReeve> And now the Necmeister...! I think we all know how he feels about crowns... but let's let him have his say...

<Necropolis> Mr speaker, ladies and gentlemen...

<Necropolis> I think crowns undermine the ratings system

<Necropolis> Should a crowned op be the top in category?

<Necropolis> If not then clearly they are not the ideal op and not something that should be promoted as an aspiration

<Necropolis> If they are then clearly the system does not work

<Necropolis> The criteria for a crowned op puts entertainment value ahead of usefulness

<Necropolis> That contradicts what dooyoo stands for in terms of consumer advice

<Necropolis> Also that one person picks an op to be given a crown is not fair

<Necropolis> The ratings an op receives is from the community at large

<Necropolis> No one person can sway the opinion of an op

<Necropolis> Crowns allow this to happen. That one person's preference is put forwards

<Necropolis> People will feel that it should be VU because it has a crown (those here excepted)

<Necropolis> If that is the case then the ratings are being manipulated by DooYoo themselves

<Necropolis> The ends

<MykReeve> Hm... a paradox to ponder upon. The floor passes to jo1l.

<Necropolis> (whispers Jo left)

<MykReeve> bum.

<MykReeve> In that case, it's TK's turn.

<TheKnight> I like crowns - as a general thing. I still remember the thrill of getting my first one and I haven't had so many that its jaded. I think it does inspire people to better efforts, but I do think there is room for improvement.

<TheKnight> I don't think it undermines ratings, which is why ratings takle precedence

<TheKnight> think of it rather as an 'Editor's Pick'

<TheKnight> I do think there are problems in that standards have risen so much that earlier ops that were crowned are no longer so good

<Blackjane> I think that it would never be possible to award a crown to all the very excellent opinions on Dooyoo.

<Blackjane> However, those that are awarded, in perhaps 40-50% of cases, appear to be well deserved. There are many more awards, however, that beggar belief.

<Blackjane> We should accept that the situation is not perfect, nor can it be. It is merely another tool that dooyoo has at its disposal to keep the interest of us readers.

<Blackjane> The fact that that some people can see through this is proabbly not important in the scheme of things.

<Blackjane> That's All Folks (I think!)

<Blackjane> (Other than the fact that TK seemed to sum it up quite well)

<Blackjane> oopS! sorry

<TheKnight> no problem

<TheKnight> In short I like crowns but think more can be done and improved. Thats all

<MykReeve> Cool. Thanks TK. Next speaker is thanatos.

<thanatos> Ok...Nec kind of said this already said some of this, but here's my thoughts...

<thanatos> I have seen some crowns that are nice to read, entertaining,

<thanatos> but no use. They often are factually incorrect like ken said.

<thanatos> I think it would be better if crowns were RELATED to ratings.

<thanatos> If a op is rated high, or recommended for a crown, it gets one.

<thanatos> Having one person say that an op is good at random isn't a great system IMO.

<thanatos> But the idea of rewarding good opinions is nice.

<thanatos> that's all.

<MykReeve> We've had Blackjane's comment ( queue jumper :) ), so now it's ermintrude's turn.

<ermintrude75> thanks

<ermintrude75> well I kind of wanted to respond to a couple of things

<ermintrude75> is that ok?

<MykReeve> Go ahead.

<ermintrude75> first, to kensplace (I think) - about factual errors

<ermintrude75> category managers are great, but they can't know everything about their categories

<ermintrude75> so it would be impossible for them to check every op I think

<ermintrude75> and then to Nec's point about crowned ops being top in category

<ermintrude75> I see your point - I also think that maybe shows up inadequacies in the ratings system as well

<ermintrude75> and finally to thanatos

<ermintrude75> about crowns being somehow awarded automatically

<ermintrude75> wouldn't that be a huge incentive to ratings cartels?

<ermintrude75> just some points to ponder - not picking fault, just furthering discussion :)

<ermintrude75> that's all

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