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Necropolis: BH has a few more questions, starting with: doo yoo plan to get any new sponsors?

Corin: New sponsors in what context?

Necropolis: While I ask about context here's the second questions... doo yoo plan to get to create a search engine which anyone can use (like ask jeeves but based on users opinions)

Corin: The search engine we have just upgraded to is capable of that but needs expert configuration ... that again will FOR SURE come in time

Necropolis Re: new sponsors BH adds: ie who you get your money from, or adverts marketing

Corin: Sponsors - we have grade A advertisers and no sponsors - we have no affiliatinons with companies to go unique with them . . . we are no-ones puppet and the companies are queueing up to advertise with us - the community is very respected

Necropolis: Finally from BH: do you plan to get listed on teachnology exchange?

Corin: Getting listed publicly??

Necropolis: BH says: yes, for internet e-commerce companies

Corin: Not quite with you . . . are you asking if we plan to take dooyoo public?

Necropolis: Yes.

Corin: Good question

TheKnight: Do you mean getting Dooyoo listed in particular places BH? like search engines and directories? If so, yes that is happening

Necropolis: Publically listed, BH was just wondering

Corin: The idea of why we set up dooyoo was to do what we are doing - something valuable and uniquely useful. To take dooyoo where we want to take it as quickly as we want to may necessitate it but only for that reason - for the time being our investors love us and we perform very well. A lot of companies have probs at the mo - many of our friends indeed. It is sad to see the climate as it is, but it is necessasry to free up the cash invested badly to see the good 'uns prosper ;)

Necropolis: And thank you to BH for having questions to ask!

TheKnight: We're going to wrap this up in a few moments and open the room for general chat again. So any last questions should now be passed to the moderators to pass on to the room

TheKnight: I'd like to thank everyone for their patience and participation, and especially to thank Corin and the team for coming in tonight

TheKnight: sunbeam says: I have one last question...are they staying for the buffet because i need to get it ready...demands are filtering you to ask

Necropolis: Everyone wants to know why Necropolis, and only Necropolis, doesn't get double miles for everything? 8-)

JillMurphy: And no one ever ask me to type that feverishly again!

JillMurphy: All say thanks from here.

Corin: Always a pleasure - can we do this again?

TheKnight: Yes, Corin, next Tuesday good for you?

Corin: next wednesday?

TheKnight: Wednesday is fine for me

JillMurphy: Me too.

Corin: cool ... I'll try to type faster next time!

*** TheKnight sets mode: -m

TheKnight: Room is now open to all chat


Cookie36: never been gagged for so long

Corin: sorry cookie!

TheKnight: feel free to stay if you want Corin

kensplace Please do!

Corin thanks, I will . . . .   

[Chat Transcript Ends Here]

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