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Using the Java chat window is far simpler than you may fear. Here we divide the help and instructions by topic for quick reference.

Connecting to chat:

Simply enter the name you wish to use in the chat room (the name you use at the Opinionated Community Forum is best) and press the button labelled 'Connect'.  If you have registered your name previously (or if you chose a name that has already been registered by someone else at the Chat server) you'll be prompted for a password.  If your name has not been registered you'll simply connect straight up.

Changing Text Colour:

You can choose to use any of a variety of colours for your text in the chat.

To change just one line at a time, start by clicking a colour from the little box next to where you type. 

To keep one colour in effect from line to line as you chat simply double-click the colour before typing. 

To change the colour of just one or two specific words, highlight the words and then click once on the colour of your choice.

To Change Your Name:

Simply type /nick [newname]

Replace [newname] with whatever name you wish to use. You cannot include spaces in a name, but can use underscore '_' or hyphen characters to separate words.

If You Get Asked for a Password:

That means someone has registered that nickname already. If it wasn't you then you'll have to choose another name within 60 seconds or the server will change your name to 'Guest'

To Register Your Name:

Registering your name means that anyone using that name must give the correct password within 60 seconds or have their name changed by the server. This helps to prevent abuse generally, as well as being a way to 'reserve' your name for your own use.

To register your own nickname, simply connect to the chat, and once there, type in:

/ns register [password] [email]

Replace [password] with whatever password you wish to use (make sure its one you can remember!) and replace [email] with any email address you wish to use (need not be genuine - just memorable).

Once you have registered the name, it requires the password to be entered anytime someone chooses that name. If the password is not entered within 60 seconds, and the user doesn't change their name, then the chat server will change the name of the person automatically.

To 'whisper' a private message to just one person:

You can send a message that only the person you specify can see by simply typing:

/msg [their-name] [your-message]

So, to 'whisper' a private message "Hello!" to Jags, I'd type:

/msg Jags Hello!

To perform an action:

Simply type /me [describe what you do]

e.g. /me passes Jags a cup of tea.


Opinionated Community Message Boards E-mail DooYoo
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