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Ammon Johns
"The Early Years"


Ammon Johns, Chairman and Co-Founder of the Association of Internet Marketing Professionals is a well respected Internet Marketing Consultant.

"There is nothing uncanny about what I do, I just spend 16 hours each day online, and half of it is pure reading and research. My special talent if I have such a thing, is that I can remember small scraps of info gleaned from diverse sources over time and later piece them together."

Born in 1966, the first experience with computers came at school, dialing up to the local University mainframe.

"I spent 3 hours blackening in boxes on a card that would be used as a template for a punch-card that in turn would be used to get the computer to calculate a sum I'd worked out in 2 seconds anyway. I didn't think it had much future as a labour-saving device."

In later years first encounters with the Sinclair ZX-80 and the Commodore Pet followed.

"I first saw a future for computers when I played my first arcade game. At last a practical application - the leisure industry. Much of the internet proves that the leisure industry is still hungry for computers."

In 1983 a job with London's largest education authority led to a City and Guilds Certificate 734 'Certificate for Learning Resources Technicians'.

"The course covered every form of media from art to reprographics, computers to video. This again brought me to work with computers to create educational material, but combined it with skills in video production and printing. Combine those skills and you have a webmaster."