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Dooyoo Membership and Ethos

Dooyoo is a revolutionary concept and a uniquely valuable resource for people wishing to make better decisions in life. The medium of the web has allowed us to communicate on a scale never before seen. It is for this reason that the dooyoo community relies upon its members to be honest, decent and democratic. By working together we will all truly benefit from the content within this site. Please read our guidelines and understand that dooyoo will serve you for as long as you serve dooyoo.



Our mantra is QUALITY. Help others make better decisions by sharing your experiences of products and services. Having registered, log in and browse the categories, or search for an item you'd like to review. Click on 'write your opinion' on the left. Writing opinions earns you dooyoo miles. Remember that all opinions submitted to dooyoo are read by our expert community managers to assure quality.




To find the item you're interested in, either browse the categories or use the search function. If you've enjoyed an opinion written by a dooyoo user, you can click on their name to read all of their opinions.

Please remember to rate opinions after reading them (see below). You can customise your dooyoo to:

organise opinions on an item according to your personal preferences. The default ranking is calculated according to the rating given by other users, but you can rank opinions by circle of friends (your trusted users' opinions will appear first), date and product rating as well as seeing unrated opinions first.


Only registered members of the dooyoo community can rate. Rating opinions helps to ensure that the best opinions can be found quickly by other users: the most popular opinions appear at the top of the list. The level of Ďusefulnessí should reflect your view of an opinionís ability to inform the next user about the product or service. Once you have logged on and are looking at an opinion, you'll find the rating links at the bottom of the page. Our rating system should reflect the following criteria:



After reading an opinion you can read and write comments on it. Simply scroll to the bottom of the opinion and click on 'write or read comments on this opinion'.

Please make sure that your comments are relevant. Abusive comments will lead to users being deleted from dooyoo.