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The MIRC Workshop receives great feedback about the quality of the help and tutorials on using mIRC in chat, and beginning to write scripts. However, the Author is worried that the site is just too plain-looking and drab. Is this so?

From the very start, the MIRC Workshop set out to keep things simple and clean. No wasting time with frames unless you want to use them. No graphics that don't help you to get more from your mIRC sessions. No colours that make it hard to see the text. MIRC Workshop is about mIRC help and focuses on the content and quality of its content, letting you do the same.

Now we want to check that, having had a chance to see what we offer, you don't want more snazzy graphics and eye-catching format. While we like being the only major mIRC site that isn't wasting graphics - and almost the only one that doesn't use a black background, we must bear the wishes of the customer - you - in mind.

If you want more graphics, background images, and all the rest then I will personally re-make the pages to suit those tastes. On the other hand, if you appreciate the way we don't waste your time downloading stuff, and save more of our own time for writing new mIRC scripts for the downloads area then I really need to know that I can stop worrying.

Please take a moment to place your vote (instant e-mail vote) on whether the MIRC Workshop should change its image. Vote Yes if you think the site should be more visually appealing. Vote No if you like the concern taken to keep things simple and easy to read and use.

Privacy Policy: The votes are sent as e-mail for simplicity. These come straight to my own e-mail account and none but myself will access them. Your own address will be kept strictly confidential, and no copy of your address is kept once your vote has been received.

Should MIRC Workshop change it's image?

IRC Help Ring Image Map
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Choose a Subject from the list to continue. (Some subjects contain several tutorials.)

  1. What's New Here
  2. What is mIRC?
  3. Setting mIRC options
  4. Basic IRC chat
  5. Basic mIRC use
  6. MIRC Text Controls
  7. MIRC Commands
  8. MIRC Identifiers
  9. MIRC Variables
  10. MIRC If-Then-Else
  11. MIRC Aliases
  12. MIRC Popups
  13. MIRC Remote Events
  14. MIRC Multi-Scripts
  15. Script Writing Applet
  16. Downloads Area
  17. IRC Warfare *New
  18. Useful MIRC Links
  19. Linking to me
  20. About The Author

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