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Welcome to the Awards Page of the IRC Help Ring where you can find the winner of our monthly Best of the Ring Award.  This Months winner of the Best of the Ring award is The MIRC Workshop.  You can read why in a moment.

First, a word about the award itself.  The Best of the Ring award is awarded each calendar month to one of the sites in the webring.  The award is made based on a variety of criteria.

The Ringmaster and helpers select the winner on the basis of overall quality and upkeep of the sites, the positive and negative feedback from people who browse the ring, and on the basis of sites who's webmasters have made great improvements during the month.

The award serves two major purposes.  Firstly it provides recognition for the hard work our ring members put into the helpful sites they create.  Its not easy to keep these sites updated with the latest release details.  Secondly it gives our visitors to the webring a recommended site, and through the Forum for comments , reviews of the content and quality of the sites within the IRC Help Ring.

Best of the Ring Award Winner
for October 1999

The MIRC Workshop

The MIRC Workshop is a new addition to the IRC Help Ring, by which I mean it has just been built.  As the title suggests, the site focuses on mIRC, the shareware IRC client.  However, more general IRC information and help is provided in addition to the mIRC specifics.

What makes the site stand out is its sheer range.  The site is quite large and wastes none of the space at all.  It covers everything about mIRC from the first setup through to writing scripts.  Every step is given clear, simple and detailed coverage making the site suitable for new users and old hands alike.

The Author has taken care over every word of his tutorials and it shows.  There are a good range of small addon scripts to download, and the innovative mIRC Script Writing applet, while slow to load is a wonderful innovation.

Congratulations to The MIRC Workshop.

Help us to review the sites

Your views, reviews and feedback help us to improve the IRC Help Ring and its usefulness to you.  Please feel free to add your reviews of the winning site, or any other site in the ring to the Forum provided. 

As the forum grows, it will include past winners of the Best of the Ring Award and will eventually become a useful tool both for visitors to see at a glance what a site in the ring can provide in terms of quality and depth, and a tool for our webmasters to target areas for improvement.

This review forum is so new that we are still finalizing the design of the forum and the submission methods.  Please remember to state which of our members' sites you are reviewing.  Thank you for helping us to build the best possible ring of help sites.

The Forum of Reviews

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