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Welcome to the IRC Help Ring - a webring of webmasters dedicated to helping you to use and enjoy the wonders of Internet Relay Chat.  Every member site of the IRC Help Ring is carefully checked and vetted by the Ring Management Team for the accuracy and quality of its help.

The IRC Help Ring does not accept sites that merely link to other sites to provide help and support.  Every site in the ring has its own content and style to provide visitors with all the help needed for enjoying IRC.

The members sites of the ring all have their own style and approach.  Even where two sites cover the same general information you will find that they cover it in different ways.  Somewhere in the ring we not only have the information you want, but we have it in the style best suited to you.

Our Members vary in background from professional webmasters and IRC Server Operators to ordinary family folk.  They each have their own personal tastes and preferences of clients and servers.  What they have in common is a passion for IRC Chat, the dedication to helping others, and membership in the IRC Help Ring.

The purpose of a ring of course is to link all the member sites together, allowing a visitor to tour through every site until eventually arriving back at the place they began.  This means that linking to any one site in the ring gives a link to all the member sites.  We offer our visitors access to a whole range of IRC Help Sites from one link.;list

The things we offer our member sites are equally important.  We offer the support and recognition that the sites deserve.  We offer a source of external help with clients and services outside of the members own experience.  We offer extra visitors to the members sites.  And we offer the support of fellow webmasters and webmistresses.

Each month the Management Team of the IRC Help Ring also award one of our member sites the title Best of the Ring for that month.  Every member and visitor is allowed to make nominations for the award if they wish.  We have provided a Review Forum to help gain that feedback.

The Award gains the winning site a much higher percentage of the traffic that passes through the ring.  It also provides a review of the site naming the qualities that earned it the Award.  The Review Forum will provide a lasting record of the comments and reviews made of any sites entered.

If you are a visitor to the IRC Help Ring please give us your feedback on the sites you visit with us.  We would especially welcome a brief review in the forum, but would be equally appreciative of a short e-mail.  Your feedback helps us all to target areas for improvement.

If you are a webmaster, or web-mistress, of a site providing help and information on IRC and related issues, and you like the sound of a ring dedicated to helping you to help your visitors then please come to the Sign Up page and enter your site.

The Black Knight

IRC Help Ring
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