I had a brainwave today for a simple but cool new toy for all you addicts and power-users of Dooyoo. With the help of Jon and Jos, the new Dooyoo Bookmarklets have been developed and here is the sneak preview.

A bookmarklet is a javascript function that is in a link. To use it, you simply right-click on the link and select 'Add to Favourites' from the context menu that appears. From then on, that tool is available to you as if a bookmark (click on your favourites menu and select it and it does its funky stuff).

In this case there are 3 funky bookmarklets for you - and they are a special shortcut to the Dooyoo Advanced Search features. One of the bookmarklets searches for Products, Another for Opinions, and the third searches for Members.

In each case, using the bookmarklet will instantly open the search results in a new window. It searches for whatever you select (highlight) in the browser window, or if you select nothing, opens a box for you to enter your search term, and takes you straight to the results. A very useful tool.

Dooyoo Opinions

Dooyoo Members

Dooyoo Products

To show just how useful these are, just drag your mouse over my name (below) to highlight it and click the 'Dooyoo Members' link (above). Don't forget tho, that you need to add these links to your favourites to have them with you wherever you surf.


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