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<MykReeve> Does anyone else want to respond to points made by earlier speakers - if so, say aye now.

<thanatos> aye

<ScotGirl> aye

<Necropolis> aye

<kensplace_> aye

<MykReeve> OK. I got a personal message from Nec first, so he can reply first.

<TheKnight> aye

<Necropolis> Thanks

<Necropolis> My euthanasia op was crowned because of my personal angle. Not because of my writing. I feel it devalues what I have to say. That was not one of my best serious ops (as Avi would agree).

<Necropolis> Incentive should come from reads for quality, not that you appeal to one persons tastes.

<Necropolis> As for factual errors, if an awarder isn't qualified to know about facts they should stay out of it and let raters do that job by leaving comments, how the system is supposed to work.

<Necropolis> Earlier I forgot to mention the variable quality of those awarded too.

<Necropolis> Finished.

<MykReeve> thanatos, the floor is yours.

<thanatos> ok.

<thanatos> to ermintrude, I think that they should make sure that an op is correct before crowning it.

<thanatos> If they award them to incorrect ops, they are not promoting quality.

<thanatos> they only need to check out the ones they crown. not EVERY op that comes in.

<thanatos> I suppose you're right about the cartels, but there could be automatic nominations. then

<thanatos> humans could weed out the ones that had ust been VUed for the wrong reasons.

<thanatos> that's all.

<MykReeve> Next speaker, ScotGirl.

<ScotGirl> on the awards being tied to ratings thing - I have an average of 50 reads on my opinions and all are sitting at VU. Someone may write a better op than me, but only get ten reads - why should I get a crown simply because I have a bigger core of readers? Each op needs to be looked at on its own merits. Same would apply to nominations.

<ScotGirl> finito

<MykReeve> Next chance to respond goes to kensplace...

<kensplace_> as for crowns changing ratings...

<kensplace_> I have 1 crown, it did not keep me at the top of the list!

<kensplace_> As for errors, yes ermintrude, i agree no one, specially me, is perfect, we are all human

<kensplace_> but as my sis said (ow sis, stop nickin my limelight!)

<kensplace_> its only the ones that get crowned.....

<kensplace_> The one I saw had a blatent error, that anyone remotely interested in the topic would spot!

<kensplace_> I think its a difficult job though, i dont envy it

<kensplace_> As for the comment made about varying quality, I concur.

<kensplace_> Ok thats me over

<MykReeve> OK TK's chance to respond.

<TheKnight> Since Corin isn't here to give the 'Dooyoo angle' on this I shall attempt to mention a few things from my own limited experience that pertain...

<TheKnight> firstly - crowns are awarded by Cat Managers at present and can be already nominated by Cat Assistants

<TheKnight> I can't speak for all Cat Managers, but I know that Nick (Books and Sports Cats) reads EVERY op

<TheKnight> Of course, Nick also got critised in several clubs for not awarding enough crowns :)

<MykReeve> Zebra's had to pop off to make dinner, she sends her apologies to y'all.

<TheKnight> Several Categories were being managed by dual-jobbers until recently but a whole load of new staff have been taken on

<TheKnight> So there will now be more managers that have no other responsibilities apart from maintaining the categories

<TheKnight> This should help to improve quality too

<TheKnight> Under the current system your first port of call regarding good ops that deserve crowns or bad ones that got them ...

<TheKnight> should probably be the Category assistant

<TheKnight> Older Crowns are a different thing that needs addressing and most innacurate ops seem older. That's about it for now - told you my knowledge was limited

<MykReeve> Thanks TK. Before we move on to the next topic - ermintrude wants a quick word...

<ermintrude75> thanks

<ermintrude75> I just want to say I agree with thanatos and kensplace about blatant errors in crowns

<ermintrude75> think I expressed myself poorly before

<ermintrude75> I meant to say I wouldn't like to think of cat mgrs getting tied up trying to check less important errors when we all know they are busy.

<ermintrude75> and we can always help out by flagging any that slip through, in the comments

<ermintrude75> that's all :)

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