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<MykReeve> Third point for discussion is suggestions for refining the CURRENT system.

<MykReeve> Anyone wanting to speak, say aye.

<ermintrude75> aye

<Lordpercy> aye

<TheKnight> aye

<thanatos> aye

<MykReeve> Thanks everyone. So, ermintrude starts us off.

<ermintrude75> cheers myk

<ermintrude75> I would like to see a short explanation of why a crown was awarded

<ermintrude75> after all, crowns are opinions fulfilling the criteria in an ideal way

<ermintrude75> but an explanation would help us see which bits dooyoo think are ideal

<ermintrude75> I haven't yet seen very many ops I consider to be totally ideal

<ermintrude75> and certainly not over 500 of them

<ermintrude75> that's all

<MykReeve> Thanks ermintrude. Next LordPercy...

<Lordpercy> I thank you

<Lordpercy> Crowns in my opinion should stay independant to reads/ratings or risk even worse abuse of the system

<Lordpercy> But having one person award all the crowns (an editor) after them being reccomended by category managers/ assts would

<Lordpercy> give a level of consistency that is currently lacking.

<Lordpercy> Thanatos's auto nominations sound cool as well! (it would highlight highly rated ops to cat managers)

<Lordpercy> thats my tuppence worth

<MykReeve> Thanks LordPercy. TK, the floor is yours.

<TheKnight> My suggested refinement is to have a single body actually decide the awarding of all crowns in all categories. (similar to LP's point)

<TheKnight> These could be suggested (and checked beforehand) by the cat managers. But a single body awarding them would bring consistency of quality.

<TheKnight> That's all

<MykReeve> Anyone wondering about Jill's silence, she's got a child sick with flu on her lap... Wish him better everyone... (with personal messages by preference :) )

<MykReeve> Thanks TK. Control of the floor passes to thanatos.

<thanatos> thanks.

<thanatos> just one thing to say, and that's a suggestion that when an opinion gets selected to be crowned, why don't

<thanatos> they say that it has to be seconded by someone from another category

<thanatos> that way, only the very best of the crowns would get through, as 2 people would have to agree.

<thanatos> that's all.

<MykReeve> Thanks thanatos. Next up is blackjane.

*** Quits: Blackjane (Connection reset by peer)

<TheKnight> oops

<MykReeve> Hmm. Powerful statement there.

<MykReeve> So, Liz has something to say...

<TheKnight> there's news ;)

*** Joins: Blackjane

<ScotGirl> I don't think anything automatic would be fair. Long standing memebrs would get more nominations than new members.

<ScotGirl> I would like to see it based on percentage. Say ten percent of ops in each category. Awards could be made weekly instead of daily

<ScotGirl> thats all

<MykReeve> OK. Floor passes back to Blackjane.

<Blackjane> Thankyou

<Blackjane> I agree with Katy. An extra section for Dooyoo, which justifies each crown that is awarded would go some way to placating a lot of the counter arguments that have been given today. Also it would make the category managers think more before they are awarded.

<Blackjane> Also a period of grace (say at least a week) would be better to give more time for consideration.

<Blackjane> That's all.

<Blackjane> short and sweet

<TheKnight> hear hear all of you

<MykReeve> OK. Thanks all. Does anyone have any other comments about refinements for the current crown system before we move on?

<TheKnight> aye

<MykReeve> I might have known...

<Necropolis> there's a surprise

<TheKnight> hehe

<MykReeve> lol

<MykReeve> Anyone else?

<ScotGirl> nay :)

<MykReeve> OK then. TK has the floor.

<TheKnight> I have to point out a weakness in the ten percent idea

<TheKnight> If ten dross ops are the sole content of any topic, one of them would have to be crowned

<TheKnight> In fact, isn't the first / only op on a topic guaranteed a crown?@

<TheKnight> That's all

<MykReeve> OK. Thanks TK.

<MykReeve> Liz quickly...

<ScotGirl> I meant category like music - books - speakers corner etc.

<ScotGirl> thats all

<MykReeve> Thanks.

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