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<MykReeve> OK, the most controversial of tonight's topics now...

<MykReeve> Expanding and/or replacing the crown system.

<MykReeve> Anyone wanting to speak say... wait for it...

<MykReeve> "aye"

<Blackjane> aye

<kensplace_> aye

<Necropolis> aye, don't know why it is controversial though

<TheKnight> it wasn't till you said aye Nec :)

<MykReeve> Liz has gone by the way everyone

<MykReeve> OK. Is that it for speakers?

<MykReeve> Well let's get going - Blackjane, the floor is yours.

<Blackjane> As everyone who wants to speak on this is going to be pro-change, I'll give a brief counter argument

<Blackjane> Crowns should remain, admittedly with some of the excellent changes that have been recommended tonight

<Blackjane> (but only some of them ;-) )

<Blackjane> It's a bit the same as saying that ratings should be changed ...

<Blackjane> ... it is difficult to change bearing in mind that so many have alreasy been awarded

<Blackjane> So we should try to improve theings rtaher than trying to get rid of them altogether

<Blackjane> that's all

<Necropolis> (Note - We did say the ratings should be changed last week though.)

<MykReeve> OK. Next speaker is Ken.

<Blackjane> wrongly! IMHO

<kensplace_> u first

<MykReeve> Me?

<MykReeve> OK, we'll pass on Ken for now then, and come back to him. Go for it, Necmeister.

<kensplace_> blackhjane

<kensplace_> ok

<kensplace_> sorfry half asleep!

<kensplace_> ok, short and sweet

<Blackjane> I'll carry this one on in private - thanks

<TheKnight> tipsy/tired Ken?

<kensplace_> lol, yup

<kensplace_> Ok

<kensplace_> Here goes

<kensplace_> I think that the crown system HAS to be altered in time

<kensplace_> as DooYoo is growing so does its original ideas

<kensplace_> If ppl are p***ed off then alteration and growth is required

<kensplace_> but nothing too fast, suck it and see is my motto for now

<kensplace_> ok thats it from me. Roger

<MykReeve> Isn't that always your motto, Ken? Right, Nec, let's hear from you...

<Necropolis> To counter Blackjane's countering I refer to the comments I gave some (many) moments ago. It is very easy to remove crowns. Delete the code, they are gone, people can keep the miles but the crowns can be removed with an explanation that the system is to be replaced with a better one. Nothing should be immovable. Anyway on with some constructive replacement ideas....

<Necropolis> Better use of the HoF. Some people are on the front of the site for a week (Jam butty), some a day (our Andy).

<Necropolis> Once you are in there is no mention on your profile or with the ops to say that you are a HoFer. People only know if they venture into the page. It is wasted and could be better used.

<TheKnight> Are the miles lost tho Nec?

<Necropolis> I think writers should be awarded, not ops. This promotes a better overall quality as it requires effort in all ops and not just one.

<Necropolis> I propose a writer of the week award for that. This avoids problems with not all facts being known about individual ops too. If one op was wrote that it should count along with the strength of the previous body of work too.

<Necropolis> The top opinion in a category should be highlighted in the user profile, maybe on a page of 'top rated ops' too if they must. This being judged by an aggregate rating, not just based on the most read.

<Necropolis> If entertainment value is important then let people rate on that too, but collectively and not the opinion of one person.

<Necropolis> ...To TK's question - I said the miles should be retained. Only fair.

<Necropolis> The End (sorry if I pasted too fast)

<MykReeve> Looks fine on mIRC.

<MykReeve> Right, so there's our first round of comments.

<TheKnight> I'm not sure the system allows it Nec, but we haven't got Corin here to ask

<Necropolis> That can be changed too then TK

<MykReeve> Anyone want to reply...? Blackjane's already asked to comment.

<Necropolis> But they do credit miles for lost ops when categories are deleted so...

<MykReeve> Hey hey... still in a chaired chat here, guys...

<Necropolis> Sorry Myk

<MykReeve> OK. Those wishing to speak, say aye.

<MykReeve> OK. Blackjane go for it...

<Blackjane> We already have a system for 'Writer of the Week' - it's called the Hall Of Fame

<Blackjane> By having crowns we permit individual moments of brilliance (and usefulness) to be rewarded

<Blackjane> The system is by no means perfect (as discussed previously), but Dooyoo can take some positive steps...

<Blackjane> improve this, and to allow someone who perhaps will never make the HoF to be rewarded for one ...

<Blackjane> particular opinion that they have written that deserves special recognition.

<Blackjane> That's all

<MykReeve> Thanks Blackjane. Nec's up next...

<Necropolis> Hall of Fame can only be awarded once. A writer of the week could be won many times and so is a constant incentive. Brilliant moments are awarded that way instead. Usefulness is awarded through the ratings.

<Necropolis> 'tis all.

<MykReeve> And finally, TK.

<TheKnight> I like 'writer of the week - but as an addition not a replacement

<TheKnight> The crowns are targeted to an actual opinion rather than a writer

<TheKnight> theres a difference and I feel it could be an important one

<TheKnight> There are some writers who churned and have now learned better

<TheKnight> they can earn crowns

<TheKnight> but they'd have to rewrite their first 400 ops to get in the HoF

<TheKnight> In other words, dooyoo can award a crown without saying emulate this writer, but rather, emulate this SINGLE piece of writing

<TheKnight> I know there are weaknesses in the current models

<TheKnight> but I feel these distinctions are things that we need to strengthen to get the best out of the system and ALL its members

<TheKnight> Thats all

<MykReeve> Just had another request to speak - thanatos, you can close this for us.

<thanatos> Ok.

<thanatos> I just cant help bu think that crowns, HOF and writer of the week is going a bit far.

<thanatos> There can only be so many things that can be awarded, and it's starting to sound like brownie badges!

<thanatos> how about 'advantage' and 'disadantage of the week too? <joke>

<thanatos> hope that doesn't sound extreme, but you can't have TOO many awards, otherwise beginners will feel bad for not having any of them.

<thanatos> that's all.

<Necropolis> Can we have price of the week (for speakers corner ops) too?

<MykReeve> OK, thanks to everyone for saying when you'd finished making your points, and making my job a lot easier! I hope everyone agrees that some good points were made here, and feel free to keep chatting without me as chairperson... I wanna go do wee-wee.

<TheKnight> lol

<ermintrude75> lol - well done myk!

<Lordpercy> run forest

<TheKnight> my thanks to everyone too, great job all round

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