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* lordpercy nudges Nec

<sue_ellen> lol LP

<Necropolis> Yes okay, everybody order please

<sue_ellen> lol

<Necropolis> We welcome Corin and thank him for spending his time to hear us

<Corin> Thanks for having me

<Necropolis> The topic today is the DooYoo Ratings system.

<Necropolis> Does anybody wish to talk on the first point: Is the current system working?

<TheKnight> Aye

<Necropolis> Is that all?

<Corin> Aye!

<kensplace> aye

<whitehorse> aye

<sue_ellen> if someone starts this will no doubt start people off

<Necropolis> Okay TK, the floor is yours

<Corin> May I?

<sue_ellen> if you see what I mean

<TheKnight> I feel that the current system is not working as well as hoped

<TheKnight> I feel that many people are reluctant to give negative ratings

<TheKnight> either for fear of hurting feelings

*** Joins: caro

<TheKnight> or for fear of reprisals

<whitehorse> yes I worry about that tk

[19:53] <Corin> Me too

*** Joins: lily7star

<TheKnight> and I feel that far too often the ratings are given for the benefit of the author, when it should instead be for the benefit of the next reader

<TheKnight> I give back the floor

<sue_ellen> may I ask a question?

<Necropolis> Thank you TK. Go ahead Sue

<Necropolis> Then Corin can reply (he was next speaker on my list)

<sue_ellen> I would just like to know what Corin feels about the ratings system - does the dooyoo team see it the same way as TK and a lot of us?

<Necropolis> I give Corin the floor to reply

<Corin> Yes

<Corin> It more upsets me than worries me . . . . .

<Corin> It should work just fine but the usership tends to abuse it on a scale that will eventually negate it

<Corin> and this doesn't really help people make better decisions

<Corin> so we are looking for solutions

<Corin> because this is a really tricky one . . . .

<Corin> How do we serve all needs better?

<Corin> I would like to open this one up

<Andy_ArT_Trigg> can I speak soon? I have to go in 15 mins

<Necropolis> We can make that our next topic of converstation, a few other people wish to speak first

<TheKnight> ken next

<Necropolis> We'll here from Kensplace next, then if it is getting late Andy can jump in

<Necropolis> (hear sorry). The floor is yours Ken

<kensplace> I dont mind if andy goes first

<Necropolis> Okay, Andy you may go ahead

<Andy_ArT_Trigg> thankyou

<Andy_ArT_Trigg> I have said many times that the word "not usefull" basically means "useless" and is therefore seen as an insult to many. Also the word "somewhat usefull" seems patronising to me. Is it an option to simply re-phrase these at all? Also is it too late to add an extra option?

<Necropolis> I'll give the floor to Corin to answer those, although they would be more suited to the forum

<Corin> Ta. It is never too late to add anything on dooyoo, we have to find a solution that fits and that is not brought to it's knees

<Andy_ArT_Trigg> I'm asking if it's an option. Which is more suited to here

<Corin> I feel that the money is the root of the problem

<Corin> and yes, there is the possibility of another option

<Corin> the question is though - how to structure

<Corin> the system and the attitudes held by users when using it

<Corin> becuase there are a lot of not at all useful ops with VU ratings and it puts people off

<Necropolis> We will come to discussing improvements later.

<Corin> re-phrasing could be the answer

<Necropolis> I pass the floor now to Ken, the topic is still is the current system working

<kensplace> Thanks

<kensplace> Ok, I feel that the current system is working to some etent, but does need a form of improvement

<kensplace> As has been said, too many people are scared to rate honestly

*** Quits: Corin (Connection reset by peer)

*** Quits: caro (Connection reset by peer)

*** Quits: triplecthegame (Connection reset by peer)

*** Quits: JillMurphy (Connection reset by peer)

<TheKnight> Keep going - I'll paste when they return

<Necropolis> Maybe a bit controversial Ken 8-)

<kensplace> ok

<TheKnight> lol Nec

<sue_ellen> lol Nec

<kensplace> i was wondering if id said something!

<whitehorse> lol

*** Quits: lily7star (Connection reset by peer)

<TheKnight> oh heck

<kensplace> Also somepeople are abusing the system, but that will always happen to some extent

*** Joins: Corin

<TheKnight> <kensplace> Also somepeople are abusing the system, but that will always happen to some extent

<TheKnight> (that's all you missed Corin)

*** Joins: JillMurphy

<Corin> thanks

<kensplace> There is also the problem with the way the system actually places opinions in the list

<Necropolis> Welcome back to those who stepped outside, You haven't missed much but Ken still has the floor

<kensplace> And I think that people (i was, and so was my sister) are confused at first

<kensplace> by how you are meant to rate, are you rating useful etc based upon you liking of the opinion, or its usefulness to dooyoo/others

*** Joins: triplecthegame

<kensplace> Ok, thats all from me for now :)

<Necropolis> Thank you Ken. Whitehorse was the last speaker on the current system

<Necropolis> The floor is yours

<whitehorse> Thanks

<whitehorse> Okay - I just wanted to say that I'd like to see the system extended in some way

<whitehorse> Saying you can agree or diagree for eg

<whitehorse> a bit like writtenbyme or is it themestream

<whitehorse> And I agree with ken :-)

<Necropolis> We can discuss that more when we talk about suggested improvements

<whitehorse> okay

<JillMurphy> msg TheKnight But it will improve over the weeks. Nec is a star.

<TheKnight> lol

*** Joins: lily7star

<JillMurphy> So sorry

<Necropolis> Hello Jill

<JillMurphy> oops

<Necropolis> Does anybody else wish to make a quick comment on the current system before we move to the next topic?

<TheKnight> guess not

<Necropolis> The next topic is the question raised by Corin

<sue_ellen> no

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