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Session Start: Wed Nov 29 19:38:19 2000

<whitehorse> Is Corin coming?

<TheKnight> okay, do we wish to elect a chair-person?

<TheKnight> yes

<JillMurphy> Not me!

<sue_ellen> yes

<JillMurphy> Who then?

<TheKnight> one aye

<TheKnight> any more?

*** Joins: lordpercy

<triplecthegame> Scotgirl?

<whitehorse> yes

<sue_ellen> lol

<JillMurphy> Hi LP

<TheKnight> Two votes to elect a chair

<lordpercy> Good evening to you all!

<sue_ellen> three, TK

<triplecthegame> well everyones beat me to the normal greeting so yo to lp

<Andy_ArT_Trigg> Liz is fine with me

<TheKnight> I got you and whitehorse Sue

<sue_ellen> and you

<TheKnight> I was answering yes to the question about Corin coming

<TheKnight> lol

<sue_ellen> oh

<whitehorse> lol

<sue_ellen> I nominate Myk

*** Joins: corin

<sue_ellen> is that how it works?

<whitehorse> seconded

*** Quits: corin (QUIT: User exited)

<sue_ellen> evening Corin

<sue_ellen> oh

<JillMurphy> Myk or Nec

<TheKnight> Okay, lets have some candidates for Chair-person

<triplecthegame> bye corin

<Necropolis> Thirded if necessary

<sue_ellen> Myk

<TheKnight> Myk

<sue_ellen> Jill - only one nomination allowed

<Necropolis> Against his will

<sue_ellen> lol

*** Joins: Corin

<JillMurphy> I don't mind. I like everyone.

<sue_ellen> lol Jill

<TheKnight> Welcome back Corin

<sue_ellen> everyone likes Jill

<Corin> evening all!

<sue_ellen> ;o)

<sue_ellen> hi Corin

<MykReeve> (vote Nec)

<triplecthegame> you'll get yourself a reputation jill

<whitehorse> hello corin

<triplecthegame> ji corimn

<MykReeve> hi corin

<Necropolis> lol

<triplecthegame> can't type

<kensplace> hi corin

<triplecthegame> hi corin

<JillMurphy> wb Corin

<Necropolis> Good evening Corin

<Corin> That DJ debate - he he he

<Andy_ArT_Trigg> lol

<ScotGirl> I'll nominate ME - but I'll not be here :(

<sue_ellen> awww

<TheKnight> Okay, chaps, let the autogreet do the "hi"s now or whisper them :)

<lordpercy> nec please! for chair!

<sue_ellen> eh?

<sue_ellen> oh

<Necropolis> What was the topic again? (I forgot)

<sue_ellen> lol Nec

<lordpercy> lol

<Necropolis> See, I'd be a bad chair

<sue_ellen> ratings

<TheKnight> Okay I have nominations for Nec and Myk

<MykReeve> I nominate TK

<TheKnight> is there a second for Jill

<kensplace> i second jill

<JillMurphy> No

<triplecthegame> i'll 3rd it

<JillMurphy> Thanks

<sue_ellen> lol

<triplecthegame> ok i won't

<ScotGirl> I third Jill

<imright_ish> jill good for me :)

<ScotGirl> 4th then

<TheKnight> Nec Myk and Jill then

<TheKnight> No more nominations

<TheKnight> I want 'aye' votes only no nays

<TheKnight> First who votes aye to Nec

<MykReeve> aye

<lordpercy> aye

<JillMurphy> aye

<Andy_ArT_Trigg> aye

<TheKnight> Now, who votes Aye for Myk

<sue_ellen> aye

<Necropolis> aye

<whitehorse> aye

<triplecthegame> aye

<TheKnight> finally, Who votes aye for Jill

<ScotGirl> aye

<kensplace> aye

<TheKnight> aye

<imright_ish> aye

<MykReeve> (is there a tiebreaker question?)

<sue_ellen> lol

<TheKnight> Even split

<triplecthegame> lol

<whitehorse> lol

<Necropolis> I demand a manual recount

<JillMurphy> Can I withdraw?

<sue_ellen> rofl

<lordpercy> check for chads and dimples

<TheKnight> Okay we need a breaker

<sue_ellen> lol

<ScotGirl> sorry - nay for Jill - I hate her

<sue_ellen> I love all 3 of 'em

<triplecthegame> if jill wants to withdraw surely her 4 should be asked for second choice

<Andy_ArT_Trigg> if jill wants out let it be nec

<TheKnight> lol behave

<sue_ellen> why not Mtk?

<sue_ellen> myk

<TheKnight> okay just those who voted for jill

<kensplace> nec

<TheKnight> who votes aye for Nec?

<kensplace> aye

<imright_ish> aye

<TheKnight> aye

<MykReeve> Nec wins.

<sue_ellen> Nec it is

<ScotGirl> aye

<TheKnight> Only one other so Nec, you're it :P

<sue_ellen> s'ok Myk, we'll take it to the Supreme Court

<Necropolis> Oh, what does that mean?

<sue_ellen> this ain't over

<JillMurphy> Blimey, what a relief.

<Necropolis> I want postal votes counted too

<sue_ellen> you're it, Nec - catch me!

<MykReeve> i'm fine with it, Sue. I'll come back in five years...

<Andy_ArT_Trigg> has Corin gone? ;-)

<sue_ellen> lol Myk

<triplecthegame> I'll be an overpriced lawyer if you want myk

<Corin> nope!

<Necropolis> I vote Corin to chair

<TheKnight> Okay Nec, first it means you shoulda read the damn guidelines :)

<sue_ellen> lol TK

<Corin> Nervous ; )

<sue_ellen> are you impressed with the democracy in here, Corin?

<TheKnight> It means you offer and give the floor each time Nec

<triplecthegame> cos you shouldn't be

<Andy_ArT_Trigg> what kind of day have you had Corin?

<Corin> Very, a real lesson for the americans!

<sue_ellen> lol

<Corin> My day started in the dentist . . . . not been much better since

<JillMurphy> Euch. Dentist.

<sue_ellen> oh dear

<Andy_ArT_Trigg> this is worse than the dentist?

<sue_ellen> lol

<whitehorse> shiver at the thought

<TheKnight> we'll make that toothache seem a pleasant dream yet Corin :)

<Corin> thaths not phunny

<sue_ellen> lol

<whitehorse> lol

<sue_ellen> ok we ready?

<Corin> fine here

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