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The Opinionated Community
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Welcome to the new-look Opinionated Community website. The changes are mostly cosmetic, and that is a good thing too, since we have attained the 'Dooyoo Tested' seal of approval for high levels of consumer satisfaction.

If this is your first visit to The Opinionated Community, (also known as TOC and OpCom) then there is plenty here for you to discover.

The Opinionated Community is made up primarily from members of sites that pay for your opinions, such as Dooyoo, Epinions, WrittenByMe, and Ciao. However, OpCom also has a Beenz community, A forum for Competitions players, A general chat and friendship forum, and even web-design help for those who have (or want to have) their own successful web sites.

The purpose of The Opinionated Community is for members to share tips and to seek advice on the issues that interest them. Members can socialise with others who share their interests in writing articles and opinions, playing competitions, or simply being part of a lively UK based online web community.

The Opinionated Community also offers free resources that are useful, (especially to members of dooyoo - the UK's premier consumer opinions site).

The resources include a special, free, web-based email service that has excellent anti-spam filters and a cool address ( ).

You'll find help also with things such as setting up pictures on a profile page, or even for creating and building your own website. In fact, the Knowledge Base section contains all the help you'll need to become a power user of the internet, knowing how to put pictures on your profile page or web site, how to set up your own homepage or website, and how to do far more than you think you can do.

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