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<Necropolis> Okay. We will end with a quick free for all. Does anyone have anything to say, maybe that hasn't already been covered, about the ratings system?

<TheKnight> might feel worse if they thought their op was much better than the example Zebra :)

<Corin> I give all of you a VU!

<TheKnight> Thanks Corin, I too say thanks to all

<sue_ellen> thank you

<TheKnight> lots of great thought in this

<sue_ellen> to you too

<kensplace> thanks

<Corin> THANKS - i really enjoy these chats

<zebra> and me

<imright_ish> thanks

<Corin> So useful

<JillMurphy> Thanks for coming Corin

<Corin> Always a pleasure!

<sue_ellen> :)

<Necropolis> Thank you to everyone who has taken part tonight.

<Necropolis> Under the laws of the opinionated community I declare Governer Bush the winner and I declare this chat finished.

<Corin> : )

<TheKnight> lol Nec

*** Quits: JillMurphy (QUIT: User exited)

<kensplace> rofl

<Corin> do I have to change my name again Jill?

<TheKnight> Nec ... well done on that. Great job all round

<sue_ellen> well done Nec

*** Joins: JillMurphy

<zebra> That was very posh :) I'm impressed

<Corin> Yes thanks, really smooth

<Necropolis> If I knew that would happen I would have intentionally have forgotten to turn up!

<TheKnight> lol

<kensplace> lol

* lordpercy played APPLAUSE.wav - #Opinionated

* lordpercy well done nec

<sue_ellen> okay I have to go - baby calls!

<JillMurphy> Can I say fekking computers now

<kensplace> yeah well done

<TheKnight> now you know why we kept it quiet Ned

<TheKnight> :)

<sue_ellen> byeeee!

<Necropolis> Bye Sue

<kensplace> byuee

<JillMurphy> Bye sue

<TheKnight> bye Sue

<lordpercy> Bye sue

<imright_ish> It's looks like a job for life NEC

*** Parts: sue_ellen

<Necropolis> That'll teach me for not reading the chat rules page beforehand

<lordpercy> lol

<MykReeve> yes, good job Nec.

<Necropolis> Thanks everyone

<TheKnight> okay, I'll get the kettle on

<kensplace> call of nature calling, plus i need to eat, so love you and leave you all

<TheKnight> and the whisky out too

<JillMurphy> Night Ken

<kensplace> lol

<TheKnight> cya Ken

<kensplace> night all

<JillMurphy> Where's the gin?

<TheKnight> In the Jill

<imright_ish> It's a good job I'm on unmetered calls

<JillMurphy> sshh

* lordpercy hands round sasuages on sticks for meat eaters and some veggy thingies

<TheKnight> lol imright yes

<Corin> Knight - that whisky sounds great

<imright_ish> I suppose I'd better eat something now :)

<TheKnight> Glenfiddich

<Corin> LP, style!

<JillMurphy> Won't help a headache as much as chocolate Corin

<TheKnight> \_/ here you go corin :)

<Corin> Jill, its gone now . . . . a caramac marvel!

<Necropolis> Bye Ken

<JillMurphy> Amazing, told you.

<zebra> I can't exist on virtual food - need my dinner - Bye all

<TheKnight> bye zebra

<imright_ish> I've enjoyed this chat and will come back for more TTFN byee

<JillMurphy> Night Zebra

<lordpercy> bye

<JillMurphy> And imright

<Necropolis> Bye Imright

<TheKnight> bye imright

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