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MIRC Workshop

mIRC Scripts, Tutorials, Downloads and Help


Welcome to MIRC Workshop

The MIRC Workshop is a resource site for mIRC users. Here you will find mIRC scripts, both in examples and available as addon scripts for downloads. You will find Tutorials and help for everything from the first download through to writing your own scripts.

The Mission of this Site

The aim of the MIRC Workshop is to help all users of the mIRC software for Internet Relay Chat to get more use and satisfaction from the client. Whether you are a computer geek or a total newbie, this site will teach you.

If you take the time to read the tutorials on this site, you will find all the options explained so that you can easily customise mIRC to suit your own style and use of chat. You'll also learn how to use commands and codes to control everything.

Workshop Wonders

The MIRC Script Writing Java Applet has been a great hit since its initial creation. This simple applet makes creating your first mIRC script easy and fun by allowing you to add commands and variables from menus. The Author of mIRC himself, Khaled Mardem Bey, described this applet as "very funky" :-)

MIRC Workshop now maintains a mailing list to keep all interested aware of new articles and developments both on the site and in the wider world of mIRC. By joining the list you will receive all the latest news and tips. The mailing list is kept private to protect all subscribers from spam.

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