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The Opinionated Community

This is the 'formatted' (edited) version of the transcript. If you'd prefer to read the full unedited text file version (with all the "Hi, how are you" stuff) then it can be downloaded here.

Corin arrives and says: Sorry I'm a bit late!

TheKnight: Welcome Corin, and thanks for coming

Corin: A pleasure TK

TheKnight: Now, I thought it woul be best to give you a chance to say hi and introduce yourself first

Corin: OK, Well, i'll start by thanking you all for coming and for all your continuing support... we really appreciate what you are all helping us with at the moment

TheKnight: We all are happy to help to make dooyoo better and stronger, we all have sort of 'invested' in it, however humbly :)

Corin: :-) appreciated. So how are we going to get this going, what sort of protocols?

TheKnight: Okay we'll try to keep general chat down to a minimum, but we have left the room open people can post directly, but go easy chaps :)

Cookie36: ok perhaps the team could tell us some plans for the future of dooyoo?

zebra: Can I ask a question ? I'd like to know when I will get my scooter thingy

TheKnight: Okay, cookies question first

Corin: That's cool . . . the future is never a completely set in stone thing at Dooyoo we have so much learning and adjusting to do, running this site is constantly full of challenges. The near future though is looking quite exciting ...

TheKnight: I think there were some new features in the works...?

londonjossie: yeh definitely and a lot of our future is going to be shaped from the feedback we receive from you. Nearly all the dooyoo staff visit either this forum or the yahoo one every day

Corin: We are in the middle of a redesign at the moment to try and address what we have learned and to make dooyoo even better

JillMurphy: Speaking of which can you elaborate on the answers you gave to Peakly's post earlier?

TheKnight: (Peakly's post is in Concerns and Suggestions thread by the way)

MykReeve: When is the "Christmas" cookie-based dooyoo going to start up? (and could you pre-warn us if the site's going to go down when it happens...)

Corin: The redesign should be with us in January and it makes a very important differentiation to what dooyoo does now.

Corin: The key changes are that we are splitting the function of dooyoo between the opinions and the community in order to preserve our core of the 'advice' areas, and to add new functions to allow the community more areas to opinionate in

Whitehorse: Do you mean there will be more topics available to write about - such as health for eg.?

Corin: Yes - MUCH more

sue_ellen: sounds good [new functions] - such as?

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