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The Opinionated Community

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Corin: One thing we have found by leading the way with the community functions is that the action of opinionating is just as fun and valid on sublects that are product / service related and more 'serious' ones so we are responding to the needs of a community growing very fast and the enclosed space that it has to operate in currently

Corin: we are re-defining the model that our frinds try to emulate

TheKnight: One thing that is constantly of concern to us all is policing it all

Corin: The policing is a concern to us too - but difficult to control short-term, by providing areas for people to blow steam off we hope that will leave the serious part alone

Necropolis: Are we ever going to see useful guidelines on using the site?

TheKnight: We generally all seem to reach a concensus thet clearer guidelines, would help people to realize what is expected

Corin: True - but when there is cash involved the stakes rise and many people don't much care for rules. It is a shame but only a minor irritation

Necropolis: But the rest of us still feel that guidlines would be useful

Cookie36: ditto Nec

Whitehorse: Yes I agree Nec

lily7star: me too

zebra: and me

millwall23: Me too :)

kensplace: me too

TheKnight: We sometimes feel that they have to rather 'search' to find some of the rules, could they not be made a little more notable and user friendly?

JillMurphy: As it seems more than a minor irritation to many.

Corin: Guidelines - done deal then

sue_ellen: thank you

Necropolis: thank you

TheKnight: great stuff

lily7star: good :)

Corin: What I will do is get the guidelines together - post them and get your feedback

Cookie36: but guidelines in plain english

TheKnight: great stuff Corin

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