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Lordpercy: Are there any plans to increase the speed and reliability of the DooYoo site?

Corin: We hope that you all will get ADSL lines ;)

kensplace: We will if we earn enough miles :)

Corin: Our Back end is pretty slow from time to time - we are always working on it to improve . . . . . time and new tech always help!

Corin: TIP: Use TKs klik to fit - it rocks

Andy_ArT_Trigg: could Corin and London Jossie identify themselves as Dooyoo staff in signatures when they post - for the benefit of new members who don't know them?

Corin: apologies

TheKnight: feel free to post a HTML sig file with each post Corin and team

Corin: ok

sunbeam: I don't know if its already been asked but could we be notified by email when a CoF updates an opinion please?

Corin: Let me just stop there with the small q's - I love all of them and have a bible on my desk . . .

sunbeam: sorry

Corin: all of these requests are very valuable but we have so much to do, they will come in time. Like the search function - it happened in about 2 weeks . . but the deluge will just take time and prioritisation of our development is tough!!! I would love to do it all tonight!

Cookie36: onward and upward eh, corin?

Corin: thats it!

Corin: Next Question?

Necropolis: Were does customizing our profile page appear in the prioritization?

Corin: Sorry to say a little way off but we have some more pressing devs to do to let our trusted become more involved with dooyoo. Like ... New community roles and responsibilities

TheKnight: please tell us more Corin

sue_ellen: go on Corin

Cookie36: that sounds like an excellent idea so far

Corin: See, this is a community and there is only so much we can do to guide thousands of people and growing, we need to allow members to take more responsibility because that is the only way we will grow.

sue_ellen: sounds a good idea

lily7star: sound business sense ;-)

JillMurphy: How do you envisage that?

Corin: We need to take a well judged risk ... it is a tough task to achieve when we have to keep this business alive, a balancing act of responsibility to our users, to our investors and staff, and most importantly to all of our futures with this service, because we all love Dooyoo

* sunbeam wonders why she bothered coming if her questions aren't worthwhile answering (sorry had to be said)

TheKnight: How can you empower the users more safely? We'd all worry about creating new opportunities for abuse

Corin: Levels of authority and access to much more powerful tools for them to use and shape our environment, for example, tools to help identify cartels and to suppress bad usership - like multiple accounts and rating abuse

Cookie36: so we (the dooyoo-er) become more responsible for our how the site succeeds?

Whitehorse: Is Dooyoo planning to become a portal site like - where we can have our own specialist pages?

Corin: Whitehorse - we'll see - whatever is best for us all

JillMurphy: In that case Corin, all the more important to post clear guidelines.

Corin: True

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