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The Opinionated Community

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Corin: Would you like a bit more about extending the community responsibiliy?

JillMurphy: Yes please Corin.

Necropolis: Yes says Sue

MykReeve: Yes, how is that likely to affect us as individual users?

TheKnight: Yes please Corin then we have some other questions

Corin: OK. This is the way I see things - briefly.

Corin: Responsibility is the one thing that the expansion of the net is going to have to accept if it is going to work. Porn, violence, etc all has its place but by request rather than by putting it in the way of our kids etc . Look at how China are trying to suffocate free speech, the utopia for us is that we can let control drift into those who accept the responsibility

TheKnight: Er, can we maybe make it more specific to dooyoo? :)

Corin: getting there!

JillMurphy: You prefer to make that community responsibility?

Corin: We all suffer for the abuse - so how to stop it? Dooyoo police? or by democracy ... Nuff said

TheKnight: How will you guard this against abuse, before we move on?

Corin: In the short term?

JillMurphy: In any term.

Corin: Difficult, because the idea that we are open to anyone to leave his/her pennysworth means that we cannot draw too many lines .

Andy_ArT_Trigg: what about organised help from dedicated members?

Corin: Andy - that is the way we are looking to promote

MykReeve: so people who are good at writing opinions in specific topics will be given more responsibility

Corin: Yes, we will be releasing tools to promote trusted members / gurus to shape the community. There will be all sorts of community functions that these people will control - forums for example or having rating tools that will have a proportionally massive effect on certain opinions when used

ScotGirl: corin - would that not come across as elitist rather than democratic?

Corin: Scotgirl - this is where responsibility comes in and that lies with the people who have proven themselves to be objective and fair.

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