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JillMurphy: That is what they do at epinions is it not?

Corin: E-pinions do it to a certain extent but not to our intended level

Necropolis: Personally I think "proportionally massive" rating powers is rather worrying. All people have off days etc. It is certainly not democratic.

JillMurphy: Corin is referring to some members ratings carrying more weight than others people

ScotGirl: yes fine corin - great idea - but it may create a sense of 'them and us'

TheKnight: Lordpercy asks, how would the decisions on who gets these new tools be made, by commitee?

Necropolis: I've been asked if you could give an example to illustrate, and also when is this likely to start?

Corin: well, there is still a long way to go before I can get more precise - these are still notions and there is much to be done before it becomes reality

Andy_ArT_Trigg: Democracy involves giving people powers

Corin: Andy - spot on ... the power need not be visible ... and sometimes them and us works . . someone has to take control from time to time

Corin: the lovely emma - how we miss her!

TheKnight: Is she still due to return Corin?

Corin: Well, we hope so but she has to do her final year

TheKnight: Have we another Topic? I think BH had a question

Necropolis: BH asks: the dooyoo website has become very slow recently, what plans doo dooyoo have to upgrade? He feels this fault prevents some potential new talent from writing

Corin: The speed is being worked on - again - the K2F on this site is never slow! - it uses a different server

TheKnight: We can't see crowned opinions on the klik2fit sites tho Corin and the advanced search doesn't work either

Corin: It is true - but we are still only 6 months old and paying a million euros for a new server is out of the question for the time being. The site isn't always slow!

TheKnight: Thanks, that helps us put it into context :)

Necropolis: BTW 1m Euros is about 595,000 (I think)

Corin: another topic?

TheKnight: Lordpercy asks: Corin will DooYoo continue to pay for opinions / reads in the future as the membership grows?

Corin: Paying for opinions will continue for the foreseeable future. The more PIs and members we get the more potential we have to earn, same with reads

TheKnight: (PIs equals Page Impressions, everyone)

lily7star: so the payments *may* be discontinued in the future?

Corin: No, there will always be payment - if we are vast though the reads will go throught the roof and so even if we drop, pond for pound a good op will earn you more

Necropolis: And crowns are not going to go away (although I am the only to want that)?

Corin: Crowns are here to stay and have been raised to 1000 miles

JillMurphy: Many are asking will the Premier Opinions idea be extended?

Corin: Yes is the answer - but not yet

JillMurphy: Many are saying they dislike the page for Premier Opinions.

Corin: Me too, it is ugly! We are trying to get a better system devised

JillMurphy: They feel it should be more prominent too Also searchable.

Corin: When the new community area arrives, we are going to be able to have many more functions to do this sort of thing. I am trying to kick Jon to make it at least filterable by name, cat etc . . . . but this is actually quite a tough one to get past him - - he likes other stuff like getting the speed better.

TheKnight: I can see both sides, speed is good provided it gets us where we want faster .. :)

Corin: yep ... we have a very complex back end that will continue to work when we are enormous ... scalability takes a load more skill than pace in the short term!

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