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The Black Knight's MIRC Remote Script Writer java applet on this page will help you to create any mIRC remote script or popup colour messages for you to cut and paste into mIRC. The Java Applet will take a little while to load so please be patient, (the required file is around 300kb). Once it has loaded and initialized it is then lightning fast in useage and I think you'll find it well worth the wait.

The applet is highly adaptable, having quick menu choices for creating events, commands, aliases, text codes, and many useful identifiers. Since it also allows direct user input and editing it can help you generate any script line that you require.


Applet loading below...

I have been listed as a 'cool site' by mIRC-Scripts please do remember to rank my site there if that's how you found me.


MIRC Commands / MIRC Identifiers / MIRC Variables

MIRC If-Then-Else / MIRC Aliases / MIRC Popups

MIRC Remote Events / MIRC Multi-Scripts / About The Author

While the applet loads on your computer please take time to read the following information.


Firstly, just in case anyone manages to do anything really weird with it, the author does not accept liability for any damages or loss resulting from use of this applet.

The MIRC Script Writing applet above was created by Black Knight, who retains all rights to said software. This page and/or applet may not be saved to any other location without the express permission of the author. To use this applet while offline you must first come online to open the page and applet, but may thereafter disconnect and work offline.

The Author grants permission for all visitors to this page to freely use the applet to generate any mIRC scripts they wish. Scripts you create using this software are your own and may be distributed as you wish, with or without any aknowledgement of this software.

Enough of the legal stuff, now I can tell you how cool this applet is. The MIRC Script Writer is not a substitute for knowledge of at least basic scripting. It is a tool rather than a wizard. Its a great mIRC scripting tool though and can certainly help you to generate mirc scripts of any kind with speed and accuracy.

While it is quite possible for somone with no knowledge of even the most rudimentary scripting needed for popups and aliases to create good scripts with this applet, I wouldn't want to put money on it. If you have read the tutorials on this site, or have written popups or aliases before you should find this applet of tremendous use.


MIRC Remote Scripts, or Remote Events scripts can contain aliases, popups or events. This makes mIRC's remote scripts exceptionally versatile. MIRC Remote scripts can be created using the mIRC Editor in mIRC, or can be created in any other editor (that supports using Ctrl codes) and then loaded into mIRC later.

To use this applet to create a whole new script you can either open the mIRC scripts editor, and select 'New' from the file menu; or you can simply create a new text file. In either case, you will be able to cut and paste the output of the MIRC Remote Script Writer straight in and then save it.

PLEASE NOTE however that a word processor is NOT the same thing as a text editor! MS Notepad is a text editor (very basic) while MS Word is a word processor. It is vital that no formatting be added to mIRC scripts. Save all scripts as plain text or ASCII text (although you can change the extension to .mrc if you wish).

Writing mIRC events scripts is easy. Choose any event from the pull-down menu adapting it as needed to change the level of user it triggers for. All the events have been set at default level users (level 1). You will also be likely to want to change the trigger word in 'on Text' events.

Then, using the commands pull-down menu, or the text input line, add whatever commands you want mIRC to perform when the specified event occurs.

Creating MIRC Popups is no harder. Simply choose which of the popup menus from the drop-down list you wish to add popups to, use the open { button to begin defining the menu items, and don't forget to select 'close }' at the end of the popups.

Aliases can be defined in mIRC Remote scripts too. Give a name for the alias (this will be the command to run the alias afterward) and hit 'Begin Alias'. If adding multiple commands to a single alias use the 'open {' button and then define your commands. Press the 'close }' button at the end of multiple command aliases.

The commands list contains a fair variety of the most useful commands to include in mIRC scripts. Other commands can be entered using the text input. You may add identifiers from the list as parameters or define your own in the text input field.

There is only one truly important thing to remember: Have Fun! MIRC is great fun and the scripts you make should enhance your pleasure. The MIRC Remote Script Writer applet, like the rest of this site is a resource for those who want to get more out of mIRC.

Read the site, play with the Mirc Script Writer, have fun, be creative. You can amaze your friends, and may even amaze yourself. I would love to hear how you get on with this applet and the scripts you make on it.

If you create any scripts you are particularly proud of feel free to send them to me and I may include them in the MIRC Workshop pages as examples for others with FULL CREDITS to YOU.

Finally, if you like this site please tell your friends about it.

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