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  MIRC Variables  

The subject of mIRC Variables is another of those things that sound technical but are in fact just a term for something straight-forward. MIRC Variables are just identifiers that you yourself get to define. In other words, if you can't find an existing mIRC identifier that fits your need, you can define your own.

For example: mIRC uses the $me identifier to refer to your nick at any given time. The $me only refers to your current nick, what if you wanted to refer to your main, favourite nick even if not using it at the time?

MIRC Variables are for that kind of need. The command:
/set %favenick $?="Enter your chosen nickname" creates a variable (called %favenick) and gives it the value you enter in the prompt. You can then refer to that nick as %favenick in your scripts.

You can set, change and delete mIRC variables. MIRC Variables are often used as a memory function of sorts. MIRC Variables are stored until unset (deleted). Variables are an excellent way of saving simple bits of data for later use.

Variables are often used in mIRC scripts to make counters. Whenever the event you want to count occurs you add one to the number in a variable set to count those events. To show the count you can refer to the variable in a message or using the /echo command.

Variables always begin with a % sign just as most identifiers begin with a $ sign. As soon as you begin to create functions in mIRC scripts you will start to use variables but as I hope you see, mIRC variables are much simpler than they sound.

NOTE: One essential thing to remember about variables is that they almost always will only work if there is at least one space on either side. If an variable or identifier is not seperated by spaces from other characters in scripts then mIRC will usually fail to 'see' it. ALWAYS space identifiers from anything else in your scripts or commands.

  MIRC Workshop Exclusive  

MIRC Workshop proudly presents Black Knight's mIRC script writing Java Applet. This applet lets you quickly and easily generate lines of code for mIRC scripts. The Script Writer applet is especially suited to writing Remote Scripts including aliases, popups and events.

Simply use the menu driven generator to create multiple lines of code including colours, bold and underline codes, a wide range of preset identifiers, commands, events and anything else at all with 'own input' and edit capabilities.

A few simple clicks and any additional custom input you like and your code is ready to cut and paste into your mIRC scripts. Best of all, using this applet is totally FREE!

The mIRC Script Writing applet is a MIRC Workshop exclusive. No other site offers you such a great and easy way to generate your scripts and popups.

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