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MIRC help, tips and guides are the purpose of the mIRC workshop. These pages are mIRC help files and mIRC tutorials. The mIRC guides here will lead you step by step from what mIRC is and what mIRC can do, on to how to download and configure mIRC.

There are basic mIRC tutorials covering simple IRC principles and commands; intermediate tutorials on making your first mIRC Alias scripts, mIRC Popups scripts and mIRC Remote Events scripts; and master classes leading you onto understanding how to create more advanced mIRC scripts of your own.

Don't be put off or confused by words like 'alias' or 'identifier', I will explain all terms in plain English as we come to them. This is a help site for anyone at all. You don't have to be a computer wizard, nor even very experienced, anyone can do this.

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The strength of mIRC lies in two things. Firstly, it is able to be customized in almost any way you can imagine. Not just customized for fun, or look, but customized to suit you better. To do things the way you want things done.

MIRC's second strength is even better - its incredibly easy to use and to customize. This is software for ordinary people. Chat is used by all kinds of people, and mIRC can be used to the full by any of them. So come on in and begin the tutorials, within one hour you will be able to do things with mIRC you thought were beyond you.

If my style of teaching and explaining this stuff is not right for you, please feel free to visit the other sites in the IRC Help Ring, the web-ring of which I am just one member. Some of my fellow Ring-Members sites use far more illustrations and images to explain the basics setting and using mIRC. There are also sites dedicated to helping users of PiRCH and other clients.


  MIRC Workshop Exclusive  

MIRC Workshop proudly presents Black Knight's mIRC script writing Java Applet. This applet lets you quickly and easily generate lines of code for mIRC scripts. The Script Writer applet is especially suited to writing Remote Scripts including aliases, popups and events.

Simply use the menu driven generator to create multiple lines of code including colours, bold and underline codes, a wide range of preset identifiers, commands, events and anything else at all with 'own input' and edit capabilities.

A few simple clicks and any additional custom input you like and your code is ready to cut and paste into your mIRC scripts. Best of all, using this applet is totally FREE!

The mIRC Script Writing applet is a MIRC Workshop exclusive. No other site offers you such a great and easy way to generate your scripts and popups.

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