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This section will link you to a wide and useful range of other mIRC and IRC related web-sites. Unless you found the MIRC Workshop unsuited to your needs please bookmark the site before you leave. Even if you have memorized every detail (or copied the pages for offline browsing) you may wish to pass the URL to newer users on IRC. is the UK based home of mIRC itself. Help, tips and resources of all kinds abound, all relevant to mIRC. As well as being home to the latest version of mIRC, there are resources such as server lists, detailed help, script archives, and much, much more. See also

IRC Scripts is a huge script archive with one extra feature - proper reviews and ratings system for its scripts. I personally like to know that the webmasters have tried and vetted the scripts they encourage us to download from thier sites. It doesn't ram ads in your face like one of the other script archives either. Top marks at the moment go to this site. is a script archive. It contains hundreds of mIRC scripts written by users from all over the world. There are addons such as juke-box scripts, file-servers, and 'bots', as well as full scripts that package a complete range of features. is a huge script archive, providing hundreds of ready made scripts and addons to extend the capabilities of mIRC. It is similar to but not identical. is the home of Pai, author of the Peace and Protection script. A great deal of information is here, plus a scripting guide, and of course the latest version of the excellent Peace and Protection script. You will also find a small but useful range of addons. is a site that devotes itself to helping all users of IRC with anything even remotely related to IRC issues. Its a huge site, and as such I have occassionally found some of its pages to be a few months out of date. However it is still a good and valid source of general IRC related advice.

Snapz MIRC Script Archive is a site aiming for quality rather than quantity. It has a good range of quality add-ons for mIRC, and a few full scripts too.

IRC-Scripts X-calibre SNAPZ

  Popups Files Sites  

#mIRC Rainbow is the classic site for popups and ascii art files plus loads more such as text players and waves. If you haven't been to #mIRC Rainbow you are really missing something.

The Popup Library is a site I discovered only recently and is one of those little gems that one sometimes finds. You'll notice that there are only the two links for popups - that should tell you how good these two sites are. I don't believe you'll ever need another link for popups if you bookmark these two.

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