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MIRC Popups that control aspects of your mIRC session and setup are a good way to make mIRC even easier to use and master. The examples on this page show you a few ways to create such popups scripts.

What happens when your popups file gets too large for instance? Well one solution is to divide the popups into two or more seperate popups files with a menu item on each that switches to the other one. You could have one nicklist popups file for your colour texts and ASCII art items, and another for all the other popups.

On your main popups file you would then add:
Fun Popups:/load -pn funpops.mrc

You would add a similar item to those fun popups to switch back to the main popups file:
Main Popups:/load -pn nickpops.mrc

Note that in the examples above our fun popups file had been saved as funpops.mrc and our main nicklist popups file was saved as nickpops.mrc . In both cases the files were saved in the folder where mirc.exe is located.

The /load command also lets you load new alias scripts or remote events scripts into mIRC, letting you change mIRC's abilities on-the-fly.

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