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 What is MIRC? 

MIRC is a shareware program that allows you to use IRC (Internet Relay Chat). MIRC can only be used with dedicated Chat servers, and therefore MIRC is called an IRC Client. MIRC is not the only IRC Chat client around, but it is the most popular. This page will help you to understand why MIRC is so popular.

IRC chat allows you to 'talk' in real time with other users from all over the world. Basic IRC chat lets you send text to a server which can display it in whichever channel you choose to join. You can also send private messages that only you and the person you select can see. Additionally, you can establish a direct conection to another user, (if they accept), to chat without using the IRC server in the middle, or even to exchange files from one computer to another.

The Chat client is designed to make this all very easy and simple to do. MIRC, and a few other clients, added extra coding, that lets you add colour to your text. It is also a more advanced client than many others, making it far better to use and more secure and reliable.

MIRC also supports sound, letting you play wav files and midi files to chat. If the other person has the same file it will also be heard on their computer. If they do not have the file, mIRC can automatically request the file to be sent. With Sound and colour support mIRC is like a multimedia chat client.

Its free to try mIRC for yourself. MIRC is shareware and can be freely downloaded from or Like most shareware you should purchase and register mIRC after 30 days free trial, but mIRC does not become disabled when its trial expires, although it does have 'nag screens'.

If you would like to try IRC chat, or have already used chat, then I recommend mIRC as an essential download. MIRC helps you to get so much more out of chat with so much less hassle.

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