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  The MIRC Workshop  

MIRC help, tips and guides are the purpose of the mIRC workshop. These mIRC help files and mIRC tutorials will lead you step by step from what mIRC is and what mIRC can do, on to how to download and configure mIRC.

The MIRC Workshop covers it all from downloading mIRC for the first time to writing your own mIRC scripts. This is mIRC without the murk. No matter how much or how little you know about mIRC or computers, if you read these pages you will become a mIRC wizard.


  Whats New at MIRC Workshop  

The MIRC Workshop is expanding almost constantly so we have added a few new features to help keep you informed of all the additions and developments.

News goes here first!

This is the page returning visitors should check first to quickly find the latest additions and changes to the MIRC Workshop.

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