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Using mIRC popups to lookup or echo (display) information can make for a very user-friendly script. By placing relevant information popups into each of the mIRC popups menus, a user can quickly find the information they might want.

Information about users could be gained from the nicklist or query popups menu. Information about the server could be gained from the status window popups. The channel window popups would include information about the channel, and so on.

What kind of information you should display varies according to personal taste. Some users find any information that isn't absolutely necessary to be a distraction while others are 'info-junkies' for whom even a deluge of facts and figures barely suffices.

The /whois command is a good place to start. This command looks up information about the user specified in its parameter. e.g.:
/whois Dave32
would tell us a lot about the user of the nick 'Dave32' including his hostname (internet address), what he's entered as his full name, what server he is connected to and what rooms (channels) he is currently in.

WhoIs:/whois $$1
This popup on the nicklist or query popups menu will perform a /whois command to get information about any nick you select.

Naturally you can group several information popups together into a sub-menu. This example is for a nicklist or query popups menu.

User Info:
.whois:/whois $$1
.Uwho:/uwho $$1
.DNS:/dns $$1

set %common $comchan( $$1 ,0)
/echo -a You share %common channels with $$1
if ( %common > 0) {
echo -a the first is $comchan( $$1 ,1)
else /whois $$1

The example above is a query window popups menu item. It will look to see if the person you are chatting with is on any of the channels you are on. If the person does share 1 or more of the channels you are in it will name one. If not a /whois will be performed to find what channels the person is on.

There are a wide range of mIRC commands and identifiers that can be used in mIRC Popups to display information on demand. Look up the $server identifier in the mIRC help for one example.

One final example, best placed in the menubar or status window perhaps, is the following to match a hostmask (perhaps from a nuke nabber) against the addresses in mIRC's Internal Address List.

findmask:/echo -a Address belongs to: $ial( $$?="Enter the hostmask to match" ,1).nick

The $ial identifier attempts to match the hostmask you give at the prompt against the addresses in your Internal Address List (which is like a cache of addresses that mIRC gathers during your chat sessions).

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