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The Black Knight  

Other Sites

The Author of these pages, The Black Knight, also maintains other sites, which contain personal information, plus more help on subjects such as web-site building and information about browsers, freeware and much more. Indeed you may have found the MIRC Workshop from one of those sites.

If not you are urged to pay them a visit soon, either to continue to learn more about the internet, or simply to enjoy a good web-site.

The Opinionated Community This site is mainly for those who write for sites such as,,, and, sites which pay you to share your opinions and experiences. However there is a real community here, and a thriving message board forum. Why not take a look.

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Link to MIRC Workshop from your own site and pass our help and resources to your visitors.

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If you have comments or queries relating to this web-site that is of a more personal nature than suited for the Visitor Book or forum you may E-mail the Author.

Please note however that maintaining a string of web-sites, working for a living, being a family man, and spending time as an IRC Channel operator does not leave a vast amount of time for e-mail correspondance.

Many questions are best asked in the forum where other users of the site can perhaps benefit from the same advice or answer. E-mail is best used for asking for permissions or business enquiries.

Like me, you have probably heard of dozens of schemes that are supposed to let you make money. When you investigate, it always turns out that there is a maximum earnings limit, and you have to get dozens of other people to sign up as well before you make any money.

Well there are two sites that present a different model. These sites pay you to express your opinions - I kid you not. There is no upper limit to what you can earn, although it takes patience and good writing to earn large amounts. Best of all, its actually fun to do.

This isn't a scheme where you have to have half your screen filled with adverts. This is simply writing your opinions on any products or services that you like (or hate). Its actually fun to do, you help people make better buying decisions, and you get paid for it.

For those of you in the United States, the site you want is which is a huge community site and really does have thousands of people reading the opinions every day. Epinions can only pay you (at present) if you are a U.S. resident or citizen.

For those of you outside the U.S. take a look instead at which currently pays most of those people that excludes.

I promise you that these offers are absolutely genuine, and that payments are prompt and in full. See one of my own reviews on making money online at DooYoo. That will help explain how it works i.e. where the money comes from.

I hope that my pointing you to these sites will be as helpful as the MIRC Workshop has been to so many users.

Best Wishes,

The Black Knight

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