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MIRC Popups used for text popups means you just click to say your text. Text Popups might be actions, private messages, notices or even dcc chat text. This type of popup is used for quick access to messages you often give - such as greetings, goodbyes, your homepage URL or anything else you like.

These popups are generally placed in the nicklist popups or query popups, but ones that give general info to all users rather than just a selected person are probably best placed in the channel window popups menu.

Nicklist Popups

.Hiya:/say Hiya $$1 $+ !
.Hows:/say Hey $$1 $+ , How are you?
.Hello:/say Hello $$1 $+ . Great to see you!
.Hugs:/me greets $$1 with a hug {{{{{ $$1 }}}}}
.Waves:/me waves to $$1 $+ . "Hiya $$1 $+ !"
.Bye:/say Bye $$1
.Cya:/say See ya later $$1
.Kiss:/me gives $$1 a parting kiss *smoooch*
.Hug:/me hugs $$1 goodbye {{{{{ $$1 }}}}}

The example script above uses commands and identifiers covered earlier in our tutorials. The /say command just sends the text that follows it to the chat as if you had entered it in the editbox. For nicklist popups the $$1 identifier will be converted to the nick that you selected.

The $+ identifier removes the space from either side. Identifiers need to have a space on either side so that mIRC can clearly seperate them from other parts of the script. Sometimes you want to remove that space in the final display, as with the punctuation above. The $+ identifier is for that purpose.

The {{{ }}} brackets are not placed where mIRC is expecting a command and are therefore simply displayed as decoration around the nick ($$1 will become the nick).

To have multiple commands on a popup place an opening { bracket right after the : colon.
say see ya $$1 $+ !
sound # c:\mirc\waves\seeya.wav

I have not used text controls for colour or bold text in the examples purely to keep things simple. Feel free to add colours or other text codes to your own versions of popups.

Channel Popups

..Hiya:/say Hiya Everyone!
..Arrive:/me walks into # $+ , "hiya everyone!"
..depart:/me wanders out of # with a wave and a smile.
..cyas:/say See ya later everyone.
..BK's 1:{
/say The Black Knight has a very useful website...
/say For everything you should know about mIRC...
/say ...visit
/say for finding Freeware and Shareware of all kinds fast...
/say ...I recommend
.Time:/say The Time here is $time on $day .

Again there is nothing too radical here. Add colours to the popups to suit your tastes - but remember that many lesser clients do not support colours. Even with pIRCh which has colour support the colours do not always display the same in both clients.

I split the URL messages into multiple commands in order to demonstrate how those fit with sub-menu items. Notice that only the sub-menu item name (and any sub-menu dividers) need the '..' prefix.

Obviously the scripts on this page are merely examples of the principles and format of popups containing text. You will doubtless create far more interesting popups suited to your own useage.

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