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The Download Area has moved to a new location due to needs for more file space.

Its location may again be subject to change in the future so if you wish to bookmark the download area - please bookmark this page as the gateway. This page will always lead you to the correct place to find the downloads.

If you have any problems accessing the new location of the mIRC Script Downloads area then please e-mail to let me know.

If you were hoping to find hacking tools and trojan programs here, Then I'm sorry but you'll be disappointed. I provide defense tools, not attacks. However, this needn't be a waste of your time because what I can do is show you a genuine way to make money online - which is a far better use of your bandwidth than nuking and irc warfare anyway.

These sites will actually pay you to write your opinions. You can write about anything from software to cities, bars to relationships, and they really do pay you. You can even write about IRC and review client software if you like. It isn't just about money, it is actually fun to do as well. is the one if you are a resident or citizen of the USA (they don't yet have a method to pay other nationalities), while DooYoo is the one for all us Europeans etc. These are both totally genuine. There is no stupid banner server to download. There is no maximum earnings limit. I personally write opinions in both programs, such as this review on the schemes that make you money online.


However, if you don't need the descriptions of the files available you can open the File Vault below to access the files and scripts available.


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