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This page is to help you find the latest additions and changes to the MIRC Workshop website. The webmaster of the MIRC Workshop works to GMT (British Time) so don't be too surprised if you find what seems to be tomorrow's date occassionally.

January 2002

It has been a very long time since the last main change to the MIRC Workshop. However, finally the site lives again, with a funky new look too. Of course, the content is still the detailed help that has earned so much praise from users over the past 3 years.

7th May 2000

New mIRC version released!
That's right, the new mIRC version 5.71 has been released with many changes and additions. Among the additional features is the new, built-in CTCP flood protection, (mIRC now queues all CTCPs). Now all the mIRC support sites have to spend days catching up with all the new features :-)

Get this new version now and join the fun of trying out all the new features, plus revel in the fixes to some small but annoying bugs that may have cropped up in some situations. Have fun!

Gotta run now - I have a lot of work to do :-)

25th December 1999

I have been listed as a 'cool site' by mIRC-Scripts please do remember to rank my site there if that's how you found me.

One of the few real changes made is the addition of a new link to a neat little script archive, Snapz MIRC Script Archive, which has some cool addons for mIRC, as well as some full scripts.

23rd November 1999

4 great new addons have been added to the mIRC Downloads Area, one of which is my conversion of an old Peace and Protection Script Addon which will actually READ your text ALOUD! That's right its a text to speech addon for mIRC.

If you haven't checked out the addon mIRC scripts available in the downloads area then you have been missing some superb scripts. The addons selected to appear in the MIRC Workshop archives cover a range of functions.

The IRC2 addon for example lets mIRC connect to 2 different servers at the same time just as pIRCh users can. The TabooFTP client addon is a 30k script that will save you needing a 1Mb FTP client to upload and download files.

A new page containing linking information and some link graphics has been added for those of you with websites who would like to provide a link to the MIRC Workshop for the benefit of visitors. All links are truly appreciated.

  Future Attractions  

The IRC Warfare guide will continue to be reviewed and revised until I am confident that all the information you could desire is included or referenced. Your feedback is an important part of this refinement process. If you have a view then please let me know.

A new set of 'How to...' pages are being considered. Each page will feature a single common question such as 'How To play sounds' for example. If you think this is a good idea, please let me know.

After several recent e-mails, I am considering the idea of forming a scripter's association. The idea being to provide resources for scripters of mIRC to share tips (and code) and to create stronger better scripts together than any of them would likely do singly.

The association would be open to anyone and everyone, providing a forum for scripters to find help and comradeship, plus resources such as modular scripts. Too many scripts rewrite the same features that have been written before - often better written before too.

The Association of mIRC scripters would build up a library of modules - each module being a script function such as a nick completer, a lag meter, and so on. Any member of the association would be free to use modules from the library in his own scripts to save time and effort for the original features he has planned.

If the association sound like a good idea to you, and if you are interested in being a part of it, let me know.

More Popups support. Currently I provide two excellent links for popups, and concentrate more on the scripting of original material rather than providing ready-made popups. If you agree or disagree with this approach then please let me know.

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