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  MIRC Files  

This is the 'help yourself' area where small mIRC scripts, mIRC addons and some mIRC support files are available for download. Complete packages are not our stock here. For that try a mIRC script archive such as those found on the Links page.

The mIRC scripts available here are generally more of the addon variety, each is a module that performs a specific task or function. You can mix and match these to form a complete script with only the modules and components you want to have.

Since the main purpose of this site is to show you how you can easily create such mIRC scripts modules for yourself you are free to look at the workings of these scripts as a further example of how things are done. The only thing you may not do is rob the true author of his/her due credit.

  mIRC Scripts add-ons  

NOTICE: The MIRC Workshop gives no guarantees, warranties or tech support for scripts downloaded from this site. There is no guarantee that the scripts will work (thought I do try to test them all) or that they are fit for any purpose whatsoever. Once you download them you are on your own.

Black Knight's Talkers - MIRC Remote Script
If you have seen talkers before, you haven't seen anything. Most of the talkers around only affect a single line at a time and often you have to type into a dialog box. These talkers however stay in effect, will work in all query, channel and dcc chat windows and the effect is only turned on and off when you want.

Auto-Greet - MIRC Remote Script and text file
This simple automatic greeting script makes use of an editable text file that contains the greetings it pics randomly from. You can quickly and easily add, remove or edit any of the greetings to your own tastes therefore.

Nick Finder - MIRC Remote Script
This handy little script is the best nick completer that I ever saw. Which is why I wrote it. ha ha! Most nick-completers are based on the first few characters of the nick, or only complete nicks that are used to begin your text. This one lets you give one or more characters that occur anywhere in the nick, then finds a matching nick, and asks you to verify before entering it. No more mistakes. Best of all perhaps, you can enter the nick anywhere in any text in the editbox. Unless you have memorized the entire ASCII character set and codes this script is essential.

Whiteboard - MIRC Remote Script
This is a classic script that has been around (and popular) for a long time now. It creates a window that you can draw in, but more importantly it allows other users with this addon to see what you draw in their own whiteboard window and draw into yours. You share a real-time painting program - great for illustrating your points with maps and diagrams.

Trojan Protection - MIRC Remote Script and Application
Though nothing provides total protection, since new tricks are constantly being created to thwart protection, this addon helps protect you from many of the most widespread trojan files. Its a smart first-line of defence but you should not rely on it alone to keep you safe from all risk.

DCC Transfer Logger - MIRC Remote Script
This simple script will create and keep a log of all the files you send and receive. This lets you keep track of who got what from whom and when. This is of great use should you ever get a virus infected file or trojan since you can soon discover who sent that file.

MIRC FireWall - MIRC Remote Script
This script will monitor and block ports on your computer by using mIRC's sockets features. It can help to prevent would-be hackers from gaining access to your system.

LagMeter - MIRC Remote Script
This simple but effective script will help you to determine if you or others are suffering lag, and if so, how severe the lag is.

Country Codes - MIRC Remote Script and text file
The user/host domain names often have letters such as .au (australia) or .br (Brazil) at the end. If you would like to be able to quickly look up the names of the countries that the codes refer to then this script is for you.

Central Comms - MIRC Remote Script
This script creates a custom window which will copy all messages that contain any of the user defined keywords. If any text in any window mentions one of your words it is echoed here. An excellent way to track references to you while away from the keyboard. Try it yourself and you'll find how many uses it has for you.

MIRC Skins - MIRC Remote Script and text help files
Skins are a way to apply a whole new look, like a theme, to an application. This script lets you create and modify such skins for mIRC. Swap skins with your friends. Change mIRC to suit your mood. Well its the 'in thing' in the software world at the moment so why not give it a try.

Dialog Generator - MIRC Remote Script
This one helps you to create nice graphical dialog boxes - perfect for those of you who want to make a script more user friendly.

Dialog Maker - MIRC Remote Script
As with the script above, this script will help you to create perfect dialog boxes with buttons, text areas, drop-down menus etc.

2 Servers - MIRC Remote Script
This clever script lets you connect to two IRC servers at once without having a second instance of mIRC running. It uses the sockets features to manage the second server connection.

Hotmail Addon - MIRC Remote Script
Another smart use of the sockets features in mIRC, this script lets you open your Hotmail inbox to check your mail without ever leaving mIRC. Since so many IRC users also have hotmail accounts this is a clever script.

TabooFTP - MIRC Remote Script
Again using sockets features, This script adds the full features of an FTP client (such as WSFTP) into mIRC. Now no chat user need worry how to upload a website.

Text Reader - MIRC Remotes and Application Files
This cool addon will let you have any text in mIRC read aloud to you. It uses the DDE facility and an old application called Monologue that converts text to speech. It will actually talk to you, I kid you not.

The script is highly configurable and is great for when you have to take your eyes off the screen occasionally. and even better to give to visually impaired people who can touch type but would have trouble seeing the text on screen.

Spell Checker - MIRC Remotes Script
This great addon is the one we all say we need but somehow never get around to using. This is a fully functional spell checker, which can be customized and will also act as a nick completer. Top Marks to its scriptors at Project X.

minet - Internet Tools
This must be one of the fullest single addons around. It combines e-mail, newsreader, http downloader and ftp client, and all in a single zip file.

That's all the scripts available at the moment. I will be adding more as I get or script them.

NOTICE: The MIRC Workshop gives no guarantees, warranties or tech support for scripts downloaded from this site. There is no guarantee that the scripts will work (thought I do try to test them all) or that they are fit for any purpose whatsoever. Once you download them you are on your own.

  mIRC Support Files  

The Servers list - mIRC .ini file
This is the server list in the correct servers.ini format to load into mIRC. The ini file that came with your mIRC download should have included this list but in case of loss, or in case you got an edited list with a script here it is.

The mIRC FAQ in Help format
This is the first place to look for detailed information after mIRC's own help file. If you read the mIRC help and the FAQ you are on the path to true mastery of mIRC scripting.

RFC:1459 - The IRC protocol
This is the Request For Comments document following the origination of the IRC protocol. It details the inner processes of IRC communication and may be of interest to some scripters.

The IRCX protocol
This text document describes and details the protocol for IRCX. Its a rather technical document and not for the faint hearted. At the current time mIRC has not made any assertion to fully support every part of IRCX, so this document may help scripters who want to add further support for IRCX

For a complete index of all files available for download, please click here.

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