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Mouse Options

The Mouse Options in mIRC let you select actions to be performed when you double-click in the various windows. The sub-page deals with what to do with files that you drag and drop to windows. The drag and drop options can be set differently for any file extension you like.

Mouse Options - Main

The main page of Mouse Options in mIRC allows you to set the commands that will be performed when you double click on the window in question. Obviously this means you must first know mIRC's commands and so you will likely return to this section at a later time, after you have been through the mIRC commands tutorials.

The default options are fine for most users anyway. Double-clicking on a Nick (nickname) will open a private chat (Query window) to that person. Double-Clicking in a Query Window (Private Chat) will look up the information on the person you are chatting with.

Leave the default options as they are until you are experienced with mIRCs commands, and can think of something you would rather have mIRC do than the default commands.

Mouse Options - Drag Drop

MIRC's Drag Drop Options let you set commands to perform upon the draging and dropping of files into a mIRC window. The default action for files that you drag and drop is that it sends the file (DCC Send) to all the persons that are sharing that window.

The most common setting is to have sound files play to the chat or channel that you drag and drop them to. The setting to acheive this is to add the line: *.wav:/sound $1 $2- and also the line: *.mid:/sound $1 $2-

MIRC, like Windows, uses the * to equal a 'wildcard' that is to say, any text. So *.wav means any file that has a .wav extension. The : seperates the file mask from the command. The /sound is the mIRC command for playing a sound. The $1 in this case is the window you dropped the file onto, and the $2- is the filename of the file that you dropped.

Another useful Drag Drop Option to add to mIRC is: *.txt:/play $1 $2 2000 which will 'play' a txt file, entering each line of text from the text file as if you had typed it, with a delay of 2000 milliseconds (2 seconds) between each line played. After adding this option to mIRC's Drag Drop options, you may simply drop any file with a .txt extension to any chat to 'speak' the files contents line by line.

Don't worry about understanding and remembering this now. The tutorials on mIRC Commands, mIRC identifiers (The things with a $ sign) and mIRC scripting will give you the knowledge you need. For now, just copying the above into the options, before the *.*:/dccsend $1 $2- entry will suffice.

To recap, the entries in the Drag Drop options should now appear as follows:
*.wav:/sound $1 $2-
*.mid:/sound $1 $2-
*.txt:/play $1 $2 2000
*.*:/dccsend $1 $2-

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