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If you haven't seen bookmarklets before, we think you'll be impressed.

What is a bookmarklet?

A bookmarklet is a JavaScript 'program' in URL form. What that means is that a bookmarklet acts like a link, and you can bookmark it or add it to your favourites, but it is dynamic and interactive too, so it will really link to all sorts of different things according to what you are viewing, what you highlight, or what you enter when prompted.

JavaScript must be enabled in your browser for you to use one.

They are stored in your 'favourites' or 'bookmarks' menu and when activated (clicked) they will run the scripts in them, usually based on data from the page you are viewing at that time. It's almost like magic. Bookmarklets can add whole new, nifty features to your browser.

How does it work?

Firstly, to install the bookmarklets just right-click on the ones you want and then click on 'Add to favourites'. If you see a security alert, don't worry: this is just because you are saving a JavaScript program. These bookmarklets are just as safe to use as dooyoo itself. The bookmarklets are 'installed' as soon as you have added them to your favourites.

To use them, let's say you're surfing around and you find an item you'd like to find out more about. Simply highlight the name of the item then click on the 'products' bookmarklet in your 'favourites' and it'll show you the relevant dooyoo search results in a new window. It's as simple as that. You can even use it for members and opinions as well, helping you have instant access to your dooyoo. If you don't select any text a little box will pop up, prompting you to enter your search request (the words you want to search for). In essence, you can now use dooyoo from anywhere on the web, whenever you like.

To see an example of any of the bookmarklets in action, just highlight (by dragging your mouse cursor across the word while holding down the left mouse-button) any word on this page, then click the bookmarklet link (below) that you want to see in action. Try highlighting the words Outlook Express and clicking the product search bookmarklet. Try highlighting the words mortgage advice and clicking the dooyoo Web Search bookmarklet.

Dooyoo Products
This bookmarklet is extremely useful whenever you are shopping online, or simply are interested in a product you read about online. Just highlight the name of a product or company that you want to learn about on the web page, then select this bookmarklet from your favourites.

Dooyoo Opinions
This bookmarklet opens a window with the dooyoo 'Opinions search' results for whatever word you highlighted, or whatever word you entered at the prompt if you didn't highlight a bit of text.

Dooyoo Members
This bookmarklet opens a new window to the dooyoo 'Members search' results for whatever member's name you'd highlighted or entered in the prompt box.

Dooyoo Web Search
This bookmarklet may be the most useful of all. This will search the internet for any word(s) you highlighted, or any words you enter in the 'prompt' box if you didn't highlight any text. It makes searching online much faster and easier.

Dooyoo Price Search
This final bookmarklet is great for finding bargains. This will search for the best prices for the product or item that you highlighted, or any product or item name that you enter in the 'prompt' box if you didn't highlight any text. It enables you to quickly and easily compare prices and find the best deals.

To have these powerful and nifty features available wherever you go, just add the link to your favourites, and you'll have them with you wherever you surf online.

Finally, for this page I offer a bookmarklet that offers the full functionality of the Random Dooyoo Opinion generator created by dooyoo user ILoveJackDaniels, but in a bookmarklet opening a new window so you can see the opinion address if it should be reported for any reason:-

Random Dooyoo Opinion
This bookmarklet enables you to summon up a dooyoo opinion completely at random, in a new window, making for an interesting way to discover writers (and opinions) you might never otherwise read. Further details available in the OpCom Message Boards.

There are even more bookmarklets available now, which are less dooyoo related, but possibly even more useful to you.   

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