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The chances are that you will usually have some kind of image editing software bundled with your system somewhere. The software comes free with many systems, especially if you have a scanner.

However, its not always the case, and many people don't have the ability to edit image files - particularly JPEG pictures (the best for photos on the web).

For users in this category I have included some free photo editing programs here for download.

The first is called PhotoWizard, and is incredibly easy to use, but is notably more limited for some general features. However it has loads of fun effects that can make images really cool, and is exceptionally easy to use, especially for non-geeks. Everything is very simple, step-by-step, and intuitive.

Click Here to download PhotoWizard (4.3 Mb)

The second program is also simple to use, but doesnt have the same fun features. However, on the positive side, it is very useful for more basic features, and allows you more freedom at the cost of a tiny bit of the simplicity of PhotoWizard. Because it is also a smaller file size I actually recommend this one more, but its not quite as fool-proof as the first one.

Click Here to download PhotoEdit (830 Kb)

The final program is actually the pick of the bunch in most ways, but because it can do so much more, it is a little more complicated than the others. Its called ImageN, and has a really neat way to find your pictures by letting you browse a database of thumbnails (smaller versions of the pictures, a little bigger than icons).

Click Here to download ImageN (830 Kb)

Each of the programs have help files that explain the basic use of the software, and none require any real degree of technical skill.

Give them a try and you'll soon be able to view and edit all the pictures you ever wanted to.

All we need to do now is cover how to get the pictures onto your profile page.   

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