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The first step to putting your picture on your profile page at dooyoo, or any other community, is to get your picture onto computer.

The way most people do this is to use a scanner, which is a bit like a photocopier without the printing capability.

If you have a scanner with your computer then simply follow the instructions that (hopefully) came with it to scan your photo into a computer image format, (jpg or jpeg is the best format for full-colour photographs to use on the web).

If you don't have a scanner, you'll find that many of the better known photographic developers (and chemists) will transfer your images onto CD for you as an alternative to standard prints. This service is generally less than £10 and is just £6 at superdrug I am informed.

In many cases, you'll even get some basic free image editing software on the CD with your prints, which allows you to go straight onto step 2, editing your image for use on a profile page.   

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