Finding the right host
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No matter what your level of experience or needs, there is a hosting service (hosts are the various companies who will put your pages on their web servers) that is right for you.

Even just in the free hosting range, the services range from Tripod and Geocities which are especially suited to first time users, through ones like VirtualAve, and even the UK based or which has no banners.

If you are building for the first time, I strongly recommend using either Tripod or Geocities. These hosts are both specially geared to first-time users and have tools that take absolutely all of the hassles and worries away.

The Tripod service is my preference of the two because it gives you a cooler web address - like . However both provide excellent easy-builder tools and have 'communities' that help others find your site.

For more advanced users who want to use CGI programs then you need to shop upmarket a little more and may be happier with hosts like VirtualAve who provide some extra features.

If you were going to build a commercial site you could do worse than look at hosting services such as hypermart. The Open Directory Project provide a very useful directory of free web site hosts that helps you to compare size allowances and features at a glance.

Take your time when selecting a host, and pay attention to just how helpful their help files and support stuff really is. If you find that the help doesn't help then you should almost certainly look elsewhere.

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