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Even if you are a technophobe, bad at maths, and thought that algebra was a small state in the far east, you too can make your very own web site homepage on the internet.

If you are building your first page, and have no knowledge of HTML then I do recommend using the special page building tools at Tripod or Geocities to make your first pages.

These web-tool page makers can build your entire site by simply asking you questions and using the answers you provide. Absolutely no HTML skill or knowledge is required at all. It really is incredibly easy to do.

The only limitation with the web-tool page tools is that no matter how advanced, they are still just template based at the end of the day. To have something really original you just have to build it from scratch.

Luckily, even this is possible with virtually no knowledge at all. If you have Netscape installed as your browser then you already have a basic form of WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) visual page maker in the module called Composer.

Composer, like other very basic HTML editors does not make pretty code to a programmer's eye, but it works and is very easy to use. Other simple means to make web-pages that you may already have on your computer include MS Publisher (97+), MS Office (98+), and FrontPage Lite.

For the very best results in web design, however, you will want to learn HTML. Its actually very easy to learn, even if you think it won't be. The above are so easy that anyone can use them, but HTML does require just a little commitment and time.

The ultimate in control of website design is to be able to use a text-based editor. This enables you to use HTML, Javascript and dynamic features that no software designer thought to pre-pack into a visual editor.

For those interested, I have included some of the best freeware, text-based, HTML editors on a separate page which gives a run-down of what features they provide.

However, the final page of this three-page easy guide to building your own pages is next and concerns getting your files onto the web once you have made and edited them.   

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