Genuine Money-Making
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The Opinionated Community

Make money from home in genuine money-making opportunities that require no investment other than a little of your free time.

These are not 'get rich quick' schemes or scams but are totally genuine ways to make a little spare cash, doing nothing more than sharing your own opinions and experience of life.

Each of these opportunities to make money from your own home can quite easily earn you $50 or £30 per month (and can earn considerably more). So if you sign up for all of them as I have you can make quite a bit of extra money each and every month - and have fun doing it too!

Let's start with the simplest and easiest way of making money at home - sharing your experiences and opinions.  If you can write 100 words or more saying why you like or dislike something (anything) then this is for you.

Click Here to read about some of the various programs that will pay you to share your honest opinions.

Have you ever considered making your own small contribution to the world wide web with your own web site?  They say every person has a book inside them waiting to be written - well a website is a lot less writing.

Its a lot easier than you might imagine to build a website, and everyone has the material to build a successful web site.  Think of all the things you know that people around the world may not know. 

It could be that you could write a brief guide about your neighbourhood, maybe you could share DIY tips, cookery recipies, or child-care advice, there is something in your mind that others would be interested to read.

You too can make extra cash from these simple and effective money making opportunities. 

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