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Following on from the mercifully brief version of my introduction, I shall now add more tedious details about myself and my family.

Well, I was born in London, on October 1st 1966. As a result, England lost the ability to win a World Cup in soccer.

Naturally, I waited a good many years until getting married. I was damned if I wanted to share my pram. However, towards the end of the 1980's I reconsidered my position, and then lived with Cinders for the next 12 years.

For some reason beyond comprehension, Cinders seemed to find the following image desirable. Thus my position as her hubby (though she warned me that this was only a temporary position until Robbie Williams realised what he was missing).


Perhaps more worrying still, was that she never burnt these clothes, and I still get to dress like this whenever I really want to embarrass those around me.

My Ex-wife is a full-time mother, (and with our 3 daughters, full-time really means full-time). She is also a Parent-Governor at the local primary school and is now building her very own website empire.

We have 3 daughters who's births were separated by roughly 5 years or so each time. The eldest is 13 while the youngest is just under 2 years old at time of writing this.

Kids, Summer 1999

The main occupation of the children is to drive us to distraction, and then use said distraction to cause as much mess as is possible before we can work out what's happening. They are highly skilled.

That's all I'm telling for now, so you'll just have to pick another page from the menu now.   

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