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My title is "Internet Marketing Consultant", and what that means is that I help to make web sites successful.

It involves a wide range of different skills and areas of knowledge. I undertake a certain amount of web design for some projects. I keep up with figures from market research. Most of all, I have to know how to make sure that interested customers can find the information and products my clients provide.

One aspect of my work is SEO, (search engine optimisation) which involves knowing what makes the search engines rate one site above another, and then matching my clients sites as closely as possible to those criteria.

The search engines are very complex things, and it is largely my job to understand them so that my clients do not have to. It is usually my task to ensure that my clients' web sites are properly and favourably indexed in all of the major search resources.

However, I go beyond that single aspect, and do my utmost to enable my clients to maximise their success (and income) in this brave new world of the internet.

If you want to know more about what my chosen career entails, take a look at the Association of Internet Marketing Professionals. I was formally the Chairman of AIM-pro, until my change in work commitments and homelife meant I no longer had the time to commit that the role deserves.

If you own a website yourself you'll find a wealth of free tips and information to help you get more attention for your work.

I am currently working full-time for Dooyoo but devote additional working time to as a Senior Consultant. Basically, I work a 7 day week, not for financial reasons, but because I love the work.   

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