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One of the most annoying things that can happen is to get mail-bombed or spammed. You find that your mail software insists on downloading everything before you can delete it, and that could take ages.

Well, probably the most effective answer is the POP3 MailBox Scanner, which is free, very simple to use, and allows you to just get the message headers from your mail server, and delete the stuff you don't want without ever downloading it at all.

The coolest thing of all is that the POP3 MailBox Scanner is totally free for you to use. You can actually use it to read your mail if you like, and can quickly and easily 'train' the software to recognise features in spam-mail, deleting them automatically whenever you like.

Download it free from and give it a try. Its well worth your time.

Remember that, because this allows you to see what mail is on the server before you download it, it also acts as a great way to protect yourself from Email virus programs.

There is an even simpler solution to spam and bulk mail of course: Use the special, free, web-based Email I have provided. This includes special filters for spam and bulk-mailings that you can adjust to your own needs.   

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