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Once you have a picture (photo or other image) ready and have edited it to the size you feel best, you need to get it onto the profile page of the community.

With some communities online you can upload a picture directly from your own computer, while with others you have to upload the picture to some other online place first and provide the URL (web address) of the image.

The simplest of all solutions is to join the Yahoo Club for Dooyoo users, and put your picture online there. Then you can view the picture and right-click on it to get the URL address of it.

However, a better solution may be to use any of the dozens of places that allow you some file space online to use. That way your picture is permanently available online.

The best solution of all is to create your very own homepage. Its a lot easier than you might think and that is exactly what the next section of pages will show you how to do.

If you have never created a web page before then it may seem like a rather brave thing to attempt, but in reality there are tools that make it as easy as filling in a short questionaire and they make the whole page for you. Instant homepages available for just a couple of minutes of time.

I haven't led you astray so far so trust me a little further and learn how anyone can make their very own homepage on the internet.   

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