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If there is one part of the internet that is greater than anything else, it is the fact that global publishing is now available to everyone.

I don't just mean to techy types, I mean that absolutely anyone can publish stuff on the web at little or no cost at all.

Sure, it helps to learn HTML (that's a lot simpler than you'd ever expect, honestly.) but even that is totally optional. There are plenty of free tools that do everything except type the words you want on your page - no code knowledge required at all.

No matter what your level of experience, if you read the three short pages in this section, you can be publishing on the web. Your words, and even pictures, can be available online to anyone with a browser.

Even if you already have a website, I have included some useful information and tools that *may* really improve what you do and how you do it. I have tried to include something for everyone.

The first page will help you to find a host for your site (a host lets you store your web site files securely on a server that can be accessed online, allowing browsers to see the contents, but not allowing them to edit them).

I have included a variety of hosts suitable for many different needs (and abilities).

The second page will help you to learn to make the web pages for your site, either using online tools that make it child's play, or using some of the free editing software I recommend.

The third and final page tells you how to place the pages and images onto your host's server. Again this is written for all levels of user.   

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