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If you can write 100 or more words saying why you like or dislike a product or service, etc then you can be paid to do it.  There are now several companies offering good consumer reviews of all kinds of products and services and they will pay you to write your own opinion.

Epinions was the first to really exploit this brilliant idea that is such a win-win solution for the company and the public alike.  You can write your opinions of thousands of products in hundreds of categories and can also write 'editorials' on topics that range from parenting issues (such as bullying) to music or books (has it all got too commercial and less about art?).

Epinions is best for US citizens or residents, and you currently have to mail them (snail mail) with your details to claim your royalties.  They also have a great program to offer you a share of the banner earnings when people enter through your own 'partner' site.

I personally earnt well over $300 very easily by writing some 60 opinions about products and ideas I found easy to write about.

Dooyoo (and are the main European entry in this field and, in my opinion, are the best all-round company. I find them commited and responsive to the members, which is not the case everywhere.

The 'community' aspects are as strong here as anywhere you'll find, and reflected well within the community forum attached to this site.

The payment (earnings) rates are very good indeed and significantly higher when all factors are considered than at any of the main rivals at this time.  If you were only going to join one of these schemes, then this is the one I'd recommend.

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